Hordes, which to pick, help please
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Thread: Hordes, which to pick, help please

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    Default Hordes, which to pick, help please

    Ok, after months of thinking which faction to choose, i have got it down to 2.
    I will either pick:
    1. Circle Of Orboros
    2. Legion Of Everblight.

    Ok, I really need some expert help,
    how each of the factions, perform,
    which minis you think are the best, (i really can\'t decide),
    and which are more, overall fun to collect.

    Ok, if you could answer these questions, i would be really grateful, thanks.

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    Orboros has troops that never frenzy (wardens) if you want a nicely controlled group. The teleport tricks are cool too. From what I\'ve heard, mobility is the Orboros game.

    The Everblight starter box has a nice combo of little bitey guys and a huge bashy beast. At our local game group, the first kid to bring Everblight beat our veteran Skorne player in two turns because the Skorne player misjudged how much whoop the heavy warbeast could bring.

    Honestly? Pick the models you like best and go with that faction. At least for me, if I like the models I can get into the faction style.

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    From what I\'ve heard. The orboros is the one trick pony boxed set as in there\'s only one trick that is any good with the boxed set only. orboros are all about speed and high DEF making them very hard to hit. orboros, in my opinion, have some of the best magic too. Out of the orboros models, i really like Kreuger. He has some awesome magical abilites and a sweet feat.

    Now about everblight. Everblight\'s warbeasts only frenzy once in a great while. They can\'t charge their controlling warlock ever and they have the highest threshold of any faction so far. The Everblight boxed set is very unique and is unlike the Orboros box. The serious threat in the Everblight box is not the big warbeast, but the smaller mouths on legs. When those things all go rabid and charge the same model, it gets ugly real quick. Magicwais, everblight is about buffs to their warbeasts and pestering the enemy warlock for the most part.Lylyth, the warlock in the boxed set has great abilites that make charging with the little ones easier and cheaper fury wise. The infantry for everblight is pretty squishy as in low ARM value so expect to lose quite a few when they get hit by a template.

    Hope all that helps.

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    Circle is largely about magical domination and mobility. Circle has better magic than any other faction in Hordes, and has some terrific warbeasts to boot.

    Before Evolution, Circle didn\'t really need any troops to win (which I feel is still true). Circle are trickier than Everblight.

    Everblight are fast and powerful. They are really tough, and much easier to grasp for a new player (Circle is harder to figure out).

    As for the minis... well, I\'m partial to the warpwolves myself.

    In by biased opinion, you should play Circle.

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    Legion\'s biggest advantages are the Eyeless sight, removing the need for
    line of sight when declaring charges and the like, and the ability to ignore nearly
    all kinds of terrain and obstacles.

    Circle, however, has prettier models, I think. Easier to convert, definitely.
    I have seen some incredible changes made to many of the Circle minis.

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