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Thread: GD entries from australia/NZ o6

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    Default GD entries from australia/NZ o6

    hello everyone, I usually don\'t post here but I thought you might like to have a look at my entries from our GD this year, seeing as photos from the event aren\'t really emerging online.

    Well I had 3 entries - an ork nob for 40k single category, aragorn for LOTR single and a dark elf for fantasy single.

    The ork was strongly influenced by allan c\'s orks, which are so amazing! I wanted to do something similar with the metallics, bionics and yellow armour plates, but tried to go in my own directions with things as well, especially the skin, which I tried to make a more unusual colour. Instead of the brighter green normally used for orks, I went for something a bit more natural, with blue and purple undertones etc. - this is how I imagine orks looking! :)

    FOr aragorn, I wanted to be as faithful to the movie as possible, and match the colours as well as I could - I also tried to use a more natural painting style with less stark and exaggerated highlights, meaning he is quite dark and drab - as he is in the movie I think haha. It\'s a bit tricky to get good photos because of that though...I think that sort of style doesn\'t come across as well in pics, especially on the tiny LOTR minis. But oh well haha

    ANd the dark elf, I was imagining him in the cold, frozen wasteland environment of the dark elf land of naggaroth, and tried to show this with the colours of the mini - the strong relationship between the colours and dull tones were meant to simulate the low-light, winter environment - not so much bright contrasting colours because of the duller, cold light. And I think this also reflects the cruel nature of the dark elves.

    As far as results go, I was fortunate enough to win the gold with the ork and aragorn, and the elf was a finalist but missed out getting a place.

    there are bigger pics, better quality etc., on my site here:

    here is the link to the pics if you want to vote:



    dark elf:

    Well anyway, I hope you like them!!


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    fine painting there. do you alternate using real metallics and non-metallics?

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    I\'ve been waiting to see your entries - and I\'m DEFINETLY not disappointed. You are an awesome painter, congratulations on your two golds.


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    Very nice work and Congrats! I think the dark elf might actually be my favorite.


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    thanks for the mind words guys, I appreciate it!! :)

    mathewbaich - yes I use metallics or NMM depending on what I am trying to do with the mini - but I think the dark elf will be the last GW mini I paint with NMM for a while, because I think that metallics suit the GW shapes better, whereas NMM is more appropriate for other mini lines like rackham, say, which have the more intricate armour shapes etc.

    ainu, haha well the sword winner was a great mini, but it was quite a differnet style to mine - it was painted with a very very GW, \'eavy metal style of painting, and colours etc., which the judges loved. SO that\'s ok, ! It was a worthy winner.

    and zach, thanks man - yeah I kinda like the dark elf as well haha, especially now that he missed out - it\'s a good talking point! ;)

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    Superb work, I really like the Road Sign on the Ork! Nice grungy effect on the armour.

    Regards, Neil

    I think they played it safe with the sword!

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    Beautiful as always, Seb.
    I knew your Aragorn would win as soon as you showed me your pics. :)

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    Congrats on the wins! Those are top class work and well deserving winners. I admire your passion to the hobby by painting a model based on your imagination and not just using colors/themes true to the GW universe.

    The dark elf is fantastic and the only reason it didn\'t place that I can think of is due to the Rackhammy swirls you given it. That is like a taboo for the judges. lol

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    thanks friends, that means a lot to me! :)

    haha yeah stupidcow, the rackham thing - a few friends and I were having a joke about that point before GD, as a few people who had seen my entry had suggested exactly what you are saying. But I talked with each of the three judges and none of them said anything about that - so either it was ok, or maybe they just don\'t know much about rackham haha - it\'s not that big here in australia! :P

    But in my defence, I don\'t think the mini is too rackham-ish...there is an influence, of course, but those freehand arabesques - it\'s not as if I copied them off any rackham mini, I jsut made them up coz I like the shapes haha, and I thought that the sort of sharp angles would suit the cruel nature of the dark elves well. And then there is the NMM, but there\'s no law against that! hahah :P

    SO I don\'t know - what you say is true, but I\'m not sure if it waqs a factor in the judging...unless the judges did think it was rackham-ish but didn\'t want to admit it! haha

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    Default Nice

    Great Just Fu*&^%$ Great,

    These are superb minis in all resepcts, man some people have all the talent share the wealth buddy!!

    Gratz on the Golds, i managed to get to the final cut with my UK 40k single mini this year, im aming for a Bronze in the next 5 years,

    But wow just wondered how do you paint the chipped armour, do you know of a tutorial. Can you pm me?

    Cheers Iain.

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    hi lain, thanks for the kind words.

    there is a tutorial about those scratches that I read - it\'s an article by allan c on creafigs. here\'s the link, you need to translate though coz it\'s in french haha:

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    Originally posted by Stupidcow
    The dark elf is fantastic and the only reason it didn\'t place that I can think of is due to the Rackhammy swirls you given it. That is like a taboo for the judges. lol
    I disagree on the whole Rackham style argument. I honestly believe the reasons the judges told us about, are accurate, as I was watching them as they were doing the fantasy single judging.

    Their reasons however were a bit weak and fickle though. But that\'s the chaotic nature of their spontaneous tastes. As Andrew (one of the judges) explained, what he felt appeased him in that field of last 7 minis, could easily change the next week. Reasons like:
    1) what stands out in the crowd of minis and catches your attention from 1 metre away is a good thing;
    2) they could not have 3 placings of 3 minis painted in the same subdued pallete, but if it was the opposite, where all other minis were bright and vibrant, the Dark Elf would have placed;
    3) technicality of brush strokes, smooth blends out the window for the final cuts as they are close enough anyway at the final cut level;
    1) you are supposed to examine minis up close in a painting comp;
    2) you can\'t predict what colour pallettes others are going to do;
    3) technical painting should always be a top guideline.

    They had 1 good reason to knock out the DE though. It had no focal point. all the parts are painted equally eye catching. unlike Max\'s silver winning nurgle champion which had a very eye catching focal point on the head. I agree on this point. Also, I found Max\'s blends to be very smooth and subtle on his green armour.

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    Beautiful work, Sebastian, and a big congratulations to your well-earned golds! Thanks for sharing! It\'s very inspirational! :)

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    Wohoo, that Aragorns brown jacket is Sooooooo right, thats superb, fantastic work on all of them and a joy to look upon. 10\'s all round from me, and how that elf didnt get something??? I\'m going to see what did:D

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    Dark, Gritty and realistic, great stuff.

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    haha, thanks guys, such nice comments!! :) I\'m really happy that you guys like them, it gives me a lot of motivation for painting - thank you!

    hey ritual - I haven\'t seen much from you lately, what\'s been happening - Too busy with other stuff,,,? I always enjoy your minis, I like your style! :)

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    Thanks! :) I have had a lengthy block since doing a massive amount of work for Wyrd Miniatures in the summer.
    I have been doing some stuff since then, but haven\'t finished much... :(
    But, I\'ll see to it that I finish some of the things on my desk as soon as possible. I need to make room...

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    ah excellent, I will look forward to that - GOod luck! haha

    Try just doing a fairly quick, fun project with less pressure...I find those things are good motivation, and also often end up the best, most interesting minis anyway ;)

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    Originally posted by automaton
    Well anyway, I hope you like them!!

    I do - Lots! You talented bugger!
    The sign on the ork is genius but the dark elf is my personal fave. Beautifully subdued.

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    Default wow

    Your work is beautiful and in my opinion as well, you deserved the sword...

    My take is that the sword winner work, while 1000 better than I can do, is still very \'normal\' looking if that makes any sense;

    yours has more substance IMHo.

    Your style is so wonderful and creative :D

    what technique did you use for the greenish glow at he hilt of the sword? is it fine glazes of specific colours with final hilites on top of that?


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