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    The staff at Dark Age Games have been busy preparing our third book, Evolution, for print. Now that it\'s out the door we can get everybody caught up in the rest of our releases. And all I can say is that they just keep getting better.

    Most significantly is Evolution itself.
    DAG003 Evolution - USD $24.99

    This book introduces two new factions; Forsaken Saint John and The Brood.

    DAG2026 Dragyri Spirit Lord, Ice Caste - USD $16.99

    Spirit Lords are the warlords of modern Dragyri society, the warriors who have established themselves as the most formidable of the Trueborn in their clan. The clans, defined by the population of each subterranean cave-city the Dragyri inhabit, follow the edicts of their Spirit Lord nearly without question. They govern the other Dragyri with a natural ease, well versed in decision making and intuitive problem solving from thousands of split-second battlefield decisions. The only time that a Trueborn could even doubt the command of his or her Spirit Lord is if the caste’s Arbiter directly countered it. Arbiter is the title to which all Spirit Lords aspire, the one which recognizes that individual as the pinnacle of their caste and ruler of their entire element.

    Cunning and wise from years of combat experience, devastating in battle from decades of practice and duels, and strong in Focus from countless hours of meditation and training, a Spirit Lord is always an idol to the members of his clan. To an opponent, they seem as demons from the deepest pit of hell, death come to life.

    DAG3021 Skarrd Golab #2 - USD $11.99

    Golab stand an average of just over two meters tall, their bodies comprised of thickly corded muscle. They are usually hairless, and rarely capable of learning speech. Like some sort of battle savants, they seem only capable of learning a single field of skill. For Golab, this field is combat. Their massive broadswords are so large that a normal man would require both hands to wield them, but the Golab are tall and strong enough to use them in a single hand with incredible skill. In the powerful arms of a Golab, the sword is often capable of cleaving a man’s head in two with a single blow.

    The Grafters saw the Golab as a tremendous waste of potential with only a since hand being used as a weapon, and so began outfitting the mutants with their own idea of an ideal weapon to complement the sword. The power claw that they grafted on to replace the other hand of the Golab is one of the finest examples of their craft. A crude but powerful metallic hand with three thick fingers, it is capable not only of dealing vicious blows to the enemy, but also clamping on and slowly crushing them in its hydraulic grip.

    DAG3014 Skarrd Charity\'s Might blister (2 miniatures) - USD $14.99

    DAG3105 Skarrd Charity\'s Might warpack (5 miniatures) - USD $35.99

    Those Buzz-blades chosen by the Sister of Charity to earn the honour of becoming a “Might\" warrior are a unique breed. Without exception they have already proven to possess natural resilience and strength, but the treatment by the Sister with different hormones increases that many times. These hormonal ingredients contain steroids and other components stimulating the growth of muscles while simultaneously reducing body fat

    There are other developments augmenting these physical changes, such as tremendous increase of aggression and being subjected to emotional imbalance, which transform the warrior into a hulking brute. Charity’s Might Buzz-blades become ferocious, almost beastlike inhuman warriors, pausing at nothing to tear their enemies apart.

    Dark Age will be at GenCon SoCal and will be bringing a truckload of Pre-Releases. Here are some of what you will find if you have the great fortune to attend:
    DAG2005 Soul Warden #1 (resculpted in resin) (1 miniature) - $34.99
    DAG2024 Dragyri Slave Taskmaster (1 miniature) - USD $5.99

    DAG3017 Skarrd Charity\'s Zeal (2 miniatures) - USD $14.99
    DAG3107 Skarrd Charity\'s Zeal Boxset with SE Sister Charity (6 miniatures) - USD $35.99

    These products were added to the SoCal pre-release list so last minute, that I don\'t even have prices yet!
    DAG1118 Forsaken Bane #2 Warband Boxset (6 miniatures)

    DAG3106 Skarrd Toxic Cult Warband (7 miniatures)
    (1 SE Father Curwen, 1 Bone Doc #2, 1 Hoodoo, 1 Chitin, 1 Kaustic, 2 Toxic Mistress)

    DAG4012 Brood Broodlings (2 miniatures)
    DAG4013 Brood Hound (2 miniatures)

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    Dark Age has some fantastic miniatures!

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    This was posted elsewhere, but for Golab II I\'d have to get rid of that sword and attach a marionette to that spiky gloved hand.

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