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    Default New Dark Angels

    From Dakka (from Eternity gate)

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    Dammekkos, thank you :drool:

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    Nice enough idea, just to static for my taeste. Could make nice statues though.

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    Originally posted by DrEvilmonki
    Nice enough idea, just to static for my taeste. Could make nice statues though.
    Agreed... FAR too static...

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    Very static, but I love the trowback nature of the one figure.

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    Funny, it really looks like they recycled the old Dark Angles captain (I still have one somewhere) from the mid 1990s -- throw a cape over his shoulder and POOF!


    Why must Space Marines stay so static when we\'re finally seeing Eldar with what looks like movement to them?

    While the models are well done they inspire me to add comment dialogue:

    Left: \"Hey, Sister, you ever seen a gun this big?\"

    Right: \"Real men get up close and personal, eh baby? Yeah, like with a sword. Get it?\"

    I\'ve been playing with Citadel/Games Workshop models for going on 20 years -- when will they finally get it?

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    Yeah, I\'d have to say they look more like statues than anything else. :(

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    Static, over crowded and why does everything have to be so huge :yawn:

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    i like them... a lot... for real :redface:

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    Tony\'s got the GW fever, look away children lol

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    Originally posted by Tony Manero
    i like them... a lot... for real :redface:
    I\'m with Tony.......

    loads of ideas there........

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    I like them too. I saw the whole DA army on GD winners\' day, and there are plenty more awesome minis than this... seems someone has exposed them now :rolleyes: Look our for the rest of the army though, this and the new harlies (and some of the new Empire army) is some of the best stuff GW have made ever IMO. But hopefully some of the other stuf we saw on the day will stay secret a bit longer... :possessed:

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    I\'m with the static guys.

    Especially the 1990\'s throw back

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    Those are the best new GW minis I\'ve seen in a long time. I love the retro appearance. Seriously! I may actually buy them. I kinda like static poses better. I feel they look more epic and imposing. Every mini made can\'t be doing somersaults and cartwheels.

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    here\'s the ass end view for those of you who want to see it

    note how the detail is raised so that eny fool can paint the freehand on (wolf likes that!)

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    Dark Angels have always been my favourite chapter, but these, although fitting quite nicely with the background and feel, are just too flat and static to get me excited. The new Ravenwing stuff is something to get excited about though. Oooh mamma!

    The biggest problem for me is that being quite a competetive gamer as well as painter I hate to use the Dark Angels rules. They are so pathetic and limited compared to just using traits from the basic Space Marine codex and if I paint them up as Dark Angels I have to use the rules in tournaments.

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    I personally like these, Dark angels were the first chapter I got into, many moons ago, and although they look static, IMO every mini does not always have to look like a scene in the matrix. I could really imagine this Guy surveying the battle, or briefing troops, taking vows ect just before a battle in this pose.

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    @Iono a new book comes with these ..seemed to work well for BT\'s ????

    who knows..

    I quite like them any new marine models all add into the pot of converty thingies..

    My only problem with this and a lot of the new empire stuff is the moulded details makes for a limited look. Also it wouldn\'t be so bad if the details were cast as cleanly as these resin proofs the studio guys get to play with a lot of times.
    still looking forward to the release the plastic bits should be good and Azrael doesn\'t look too bad. (he\'s in the new catalogue).

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    Aye, I saw it just before I left GW and it\'s what my grumbles are based on. Still, I don\'t want to poop the party before it has even started and I am notoriously miserable, so keep an open mind.

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    Hm.. I both like and dislike them.. will be nice to see them in hand. Just like the new Empire stuff that I am a bit ambivalent to... and some I even loath. Well well.. we\'ll see.

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