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    Default Whats the best paint?

    I\'m sure that this will create some fun, but as the subject asks, what paints does everybody prefer/think are the best for painting fantasy models? Sofar I\'ve used Citadel (for years) and recently got some Vallejo mediums (love the dropper), but have no experience of any of the others.

    Reason I ask is that I tend to do some painting/modelling during lunchtime at work, and am getting hacked off with transporting paints from home, so am planning on purchasing a few paints for my \'work projects\'.

    Just wondered what everybodies opinions were on them all (and a list of UK supliers would be useful :o) Looking through the forums, I see that P3 paints are relativly new, but are they worth getting, etc.

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    Chosing paint brands is as much a case of personal preference as of quality. All the major pain ranges have their pros and cons and some of these are also highy subjective. But, be assured, all the major paint ranges, GW, Reaper, Vallejo, P3 and even Rackham, are good paints. Some takes a bit more getting used to than others, but they are all good choices. If you like the paints you use now, there\'s not much point in changing unless there\'s something you find is missing. Also, as these are all acrylic the can be intermixed so you can always try out some paints from another brand without feeling you have to \"switch over\" or buy a whole lot of paints if you don\'t want to.

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    I use reaper master series and it\'s wonderful. It\'s a little cheaper than GW and the reds cover wonderfuly. also a good color range too.

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    ...All the major pain ranges have their pros and cons and some of these are also highy subjective...
    Sooo true.

    Major brands:
    • Vellojo Model Color - amazing range, very little binder.
    • Vellajo Game Color - duplicates the GW range, very pigment intensive. Good binder
    • Reaper Master Series - use a triad (3 paint) system to provide shadow and highlights. Great binder.
    • GW - ungainly pots that want to dry out your paints, good color range, good binder.
    • Apple Barrel - Craft paints - cheap, but thick and hard to thin to usable consistency and maintain opacity. There are some here that do wonderful work with these paints, but I relagate them to terrain use.
    • Others - sorry, no experience.

    Plusses - they are all water based latex paints and are intermixable (as far as I know).

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    I recently switched to Vallejo Model Color paints and I must say, after some frustrating learning curves (with thinning mostely) they are great, especially with smoothness and coverage. They also have a great color range with many earthy tones that I\'m slowly falling in love with.


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    It seems my spelling was out of order this morning... :rolleyes: :innocent:

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    Well, I might just try a few VMC as I\'m planning on ordering some bits from where I\'d buy them. Will give them a go see what happens :)

    Thanks for the info on all of the other paints - I might try and get a few of them just to see what they\'re all like :p

    Edit - PS, sorry about the double post, the damned internet at work lagged :(

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    Ehhh... I use a bit of all of them. Vallejo are my favorites, but I also have a fair assortment of GW. I\'ve just started to try out Reaper\'s.

    I\'d recommend Vallejo above all, but it is a matter of taste. Even with the dropper bottles I sometimes have problems with paint gluing the lids on. This is especially apparent with white, bleached bone, and black. I use the new GW flip tops in these colors.

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    I know supervike has had problems with the dropper bottles but mine work like a champ. That\'s why I\'m buying Vallejo.

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    Originally posted by RuneBrush
    I\'m sure that this will create some fun, but as the subject asks, what paints does everybody prefer/think are the best for painting fantasy models?
    Oh crap, you had to add in enough detail so I couldn\'t answer sarcastically lol

    I don\'t know about the best but perhaps the best I\'ve used would be Jo Sonja.


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    Chocolate paint is decidedly good for models - the fantasy of many a man. :innocent:

    I\'ve tried VGC/VMC, and they\'re nice enough. They could replace my GW paints if they were more readily available. However, I\'d stick to GW metallics. Vallejo metallics separate more easily, and don\'t seem to have the same coverage of GW. Same thing with Reaper metallics.

    So what\'s the best then? For coverage, the best red might be from company A, the best yellow from company B, the best metallics from company C. Another criterion, such as binder quality, might suggest company D makes the best.

    Me thinks that the best paint is the one you like the most for a particular job. Me also thinks that modelling acrylics are all good.

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