wich one to make? Please help
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Thread: wich one to make? Please help

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    Default wich one to make? Please help

    I have a problem about empire warmachines.
    I have bits only for an empire mortar OR an empire cannon so I would like to get some help about wich one to paint and assemble...
    I know this isn\'t the right forum to ask this but there must be a couple of players here who know wich one is better to have in a battle or wich one is more impressive in the battlefield.
    I\'ll post some pics after i\'ve painted the crew and the machine (whatever it is then???) so help me plz

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    Haven\'t played empire yet, but there\'s a difference in the 2 weapons (oh Tuubje, you are so keen on noticing this stuff :rolleyes: ).
    With the mortar you can shoot anywhere you like without a line of sight, you just try to guess the distance. But the cannon can do a lot of damage (the iron ball just goes through entire ranks), but you need a line of sight.
    So it\'s up to you to choose, what\'s the best choice for your play style? Personally, I\'m a lousy shot, so usually go with a line of sight thingie.

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    Default Cannon

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    Yeah I made the cannon after I read a bit from the warhammer rulebook. I think it\'s a good choise cause the machine is really powerful and could do a really messy job when fired perfectly

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    make both cannon and mortar....
    use the appropriate pieces to make a complete cannon.... then use whats left for making a converted stationary mortar...

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    yeah, i know it\'s too late now, but i also would make one and convert the other with whats left and anything else you can get your hands on

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    Default AHHHHH

    why would you post and not wait for a good number of replys before deciding?

    Anyways, I just wanted to point out that it greatly depends on the current army and strategy behind it. Though the cannon might be better in a direct comparison with the mortar, the mortar does have its advantages for particular army lists.

    I would have suggested posting the same question on a Warhammer forum, theres quite a few good ones on Yahoo.

    Have fun!

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    Default What to make, cannon or mortar

    get creative. go out and get a steam tank, put the mortar in the bach and make a mortar carrier.

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    I made the cannon and the crew and now I just have to take the pics and learn to use the camera. I like the idea of converting the mortar...
    I gotta try it

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