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Thread: Clearing out the Closet - Wotc Black Dragon and more ..

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    Default Clearing out the Closet - Wotc Black Dragon and more ..

    Time to clear out the closet as I haven\'t put a brush to anything in some time and I figure it is time to pass along the lead.

    I\'ll be placing more items on ebay over the next several days, but to get things started I have listed these for the moment:

    1. Reaper Con 2005 Texas Cowgirl Sophie
    2. Reaper Con 2006 Bourbon Street Sophie
    3. D&D WotC Black Dragon METAL MINI NIB
    4. Darksword Mountain Giant
    5. Darksword Giant Baak
    6. Mag Egos Malryte, Half Dragon Dire Wolf
    7. Warcrow Numa
    8. Infinity - Ariadna Starter Pack UK Rules
    9. Infinity - Yu Jing Zhanshi, Tiger Soldiers, Ninja
    10. Citidel - Lizard Slann Mage Priest
    11. 40K Inquisitor Lord Coteaz and Retinue
    12. Darksword Elmore and Parkinson Sets
    13. Warcrow Miniatures LOT of 6
    14. Reaper - 72mm Sophie and Dana

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    My wallet\'s crying now.

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    GAH! Great, as if Christmas and car payments are not making my money tight enough you go and post this. *Mutters* Well we shall see what i can still afford once i get paid at months end.

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    Heh, well atleast I know the little blighters would be going to a good home. I\'ve abused them by locking them in a closet and letting them get coated with dust.

    Few more auctions posted as of today as I slowly make my way through this pile.

    15. WH Fantasy Gnoblar Scraplauncher Box
    16. WH40k Inquisitor 54mm LOT of five minis
    17. WH Fantasy Zombie Regiment Box

    Thanks for looking and to those who have already bid. :D

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    And continuing to update and add more to the auction block.

    18. Hasslefree Miniatures 28mm LOT of 17
    19. Ogre Kingdoms Asian Maneater Conversion
    20. Ogre Maneater Paymaster, Gorger and Bitz!
    21. Rackham LOT 3. Plains Soldiers, Zombie Wolfen, Keratis

    Just about to the end of it all ... have some Celtos, Reaper and some other odds and ends.

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    How come your item locations is BJ, China?????

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