Self sculpted Ogre maneater
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Thread: Self sculpted Ogre maneater

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    Default Self sculpted Ogre maneater

    Here are pics of the empire ogre maneater I selfsculpted from scratch.
    I used a mix of green and brown stuff for the body, random plastic parts (all the gray part are GW: the left hand, the pouches, the feather, the head, the sword and the sword folder, that used to be normal ogre swords), and plain green stuff.

    hope you like it:


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    He looks very nice,I would however suggest bulking out his legs a bit more. Another minor quibble, his mustache does to say it lighly look a bit like a turd:P, this may just be the picture though. Nice job, and I hope you were not much offended bymy omment of the mustache.


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    I like the idea of this guy. I agree about the legs and the mo. Noce job overall tho.

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