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    Default Chaos Dwarves

    I want.

    Where are they on the UK GW Online Store?

    I can only find a few blood bowl ones.

    Thank you.

    ~Bill :cool:

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    this link

    any good i know its in Canada but ill keep looking:innocent:

    Editthe english version

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    Link goes to search function, no results to show :(

    I don\'t know where on earth to get some Bill, maybe try eBay?


    Yep, there are lots of results, not sure what you want though...

    Hope that helps!


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    Yeah, it is very unfortunate they stopped making Chaos stunties, I always really liked them.

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    Bill the Chaos Dwarves have been gone a long time. You only hope now is looking on eBay for them.

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    I\'m sure that I\'ve heard somewhere that they might be making a reappearance...

    They released for the 2005 WH campaign.

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    you may have to do my search individually.It worked ok for me.It took a few goes though

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    i sold 22 of the little fellas just 2 days ago on ebay, put a post on the trading forum when i listed them, went for £50.99 in the end...

    GL with finding some buddy

    - Geraint

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    Default Yay!

    I got the one I wanted for a total of £2.50. Go me! :D

    Thanks for all your help guys


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    yay! Go Bill...

    Where did you end up getting it though?

    Ebay or elsewhere?

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    I just finished GS\'ing a Chaos Dwarf Lammasu with sorcerer. I got mine in the shrinwrap on ebay for just $20.

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    Originally posted by supervike
    yay! Go Bill...

    Where did you end up getting it though?

    Ebay or elsewhere?
    I say Satan. Pentagram in melted down minis and a offering of Blood Red paint and shazam! The Chaos Dwarf forms out of the pentagram.

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    I ask Satan for other things ;)

    \'twas eBay. Plenty of Chaotic stunted goodness there :D

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    I\'ve got a buddy that is just getting ready to put a bunch of chaos dwarves on ebay. He has eight of the centaur ones, a wizard, the cannon, and 24 hobgoblins.... If you\'re still looking for stuff, let me know and I\'ll put you into contact with him...

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