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Thread: @#*%$*@@!!!!!!

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    Default @#*%$*@@!!!!!!

    ...Apparently, I need glasses. When last I was painting, I didn\'t need glasses. Now I do.


    ...Just thought I\'d share.

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    I know how you feel, just had to do the same myself not too long ago :(

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    choose some expensive and cool looking glasses (you\'ll wear them for long time... it worth the cost), try to avoid cheap ones, they have weak ... uhm.... structure (?) or defective lenses... and mainly they help you to look much cooler :D:D:D (or at least much more intellectual :D:D:D)

    At the end glasses from famous brands doesn\'t cost so much (around 160-190 € here in italy) and they are definitly cool. :cool:

    i wear them since i was ... mhh 16 i think so 5 years from now.... i\'ve changed glasses 2 times only ;) while a friend of mine continued to buy discount ones (he changed i think 10 pair of glasses in 2 years)... pay more to pay less...

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    Hm, pay more now, less later. Probably good advice.

    For now I think I\'ll just hate the world for an evening or two. First Jimmi Hendrix and Black Sabbath take the mid-range out of my ears (and make fix the high pitch nice and permanent) and now little metal men put sand in my eyes. ...or was it Nietzsche? Perhaps the damn box in front of me right now.

    ...Must have someone (else) to blame!

    I always wanted Jesus freak style classes, but that was when I had long hair. Now the effect would be lost. More to gripe about...

    (This moment of whining brought to you by...)

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    Actually the old story about straining your sight gave you glasses is just that - a story.
    The reality is everyones eyes degenrate as we age, some faster than others.

    Could be worse - I now have glasses AND use a magnifying visor for painting (actually have to say that it has really helped get my painting to a level better than pre-glasses).

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    Yeah-okay, but how do you bitch slap Father Time?

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    Default Specs aren\'t the end of the world!

    They\'ll just take a bit of getting used to. That\'s all. In fact, I feel quite undressed if I\'m not wearing mine. Tony is right. Pay the price for quality lenses, and quality frames. I recently bought a new pair, titanium frames, photoactive lenses with anti-glare filters, and all sorts. As light as a feather, and cool, too. About $400, but good ones are worth the price.

    As for the tinitus... I wish there was a fix for that... :(

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    Just try to be as immature as possible, that way it doesn\'t matter how old you actually are!

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    Got no sympathy for you man - been wearing glasses now for lo about 32 years - which predates my fixation with toy soldiers by about two years.

    But Tony is right - go for quality man.

    Or you can spend 2k or more USD and have the old eyeballs shaved with a laser.

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    Actually, the prospect of glasses isn\'t so bad; it\'s just the frustration of not being able to do something right just now (painting an eye), not merely having a hard time doing it, but actually realizing I can\'t under the circumstances. Very frustrating, just had to vent a bit.

    (I did eventually get used to the tinitus, but I do remember I thought I was absolutely going insane when it first set in - couple months of sleeplessness and an ear specialist who charged a lot of money to take a memo to another doctor confirming the obvious.)

    Stay immature? Heh, that\'s a big can do.

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    brimshack, welcome to the dark side of 30.

    Now, at 40+, I am having a hard time holding anything far enough away to focus on it. My arms have shrunk. lol

    I\'ve worked slowly up from a +.75 to +1.50. These are still considered mild looking at the cheapo glasses rack at the drug store.

    A bit of a cheat is to get a pair of those cheapo +3.0 glasses and use them for painting, but you gotta get out from under them every so often.

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    Brimshack join the club.

    As I\'m fast aproaching 51 :o I\'ve found that I need new glasses as these damn mini\'s have shrunk again.

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    You CAN get laser surgery for age-related far sight now apparently...


    I recently had mine done ( LASEK - For short sight though) and they are improving all the time :P

    Now I can walk down stairs without leaving a matress at the bottom lol

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    I was given my first glasses perscription (or whatever you call it) the other day at 35yrs old. I didn\'t fill it nor do I intend to.

    I\'ve always had better than 20/20 vision, now aparently I\'m just hanging onto my 20/20 overall with one eye stronger still and one eye weaker. Aparentlly all due to my squished tennis ball eye syndrome (my name for a stygmatism (sp?) because when I was a kid my optomatrist explained what it was with a tennis ball cut in half and they he squished it a bit).

    I figure as long as I\'m maintaining the 20/20 overall I\'m going to delay the inevitable. I\'m the only one in my family that doesn\'t wear glasses.

    The really fun part is I\'m right handed but left eye dominate and it\'s the left eye that\'s getting weaker.

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    Ive worn glasses since the 7th grade (1978).. when there were no such thing as \"Cool\" glasses.. just ugly ass ones.

    So its something Ive learned to deal with. but glasses have more than once saved my eyes cant tell you howmany things Ive had bounce off them that were heading straight for an eye.

    Ive spoke to the Dr. about the eye surgery and they tell me they can give me back my distance vision and anything up to a few feet away..but for reading and well miniature work Id still need to wear corrective lenses..so why bother..

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    hehe, I actually have to take my glasses off when I paint. Fun begins when I finish painting and try to find where I put them...

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    atleast your vision can be corrected. mine cant

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    That sucks :( hate wearing glasses myself, but I\'m short-sighted so minis aren\'t a problem for me. I\'d definitely take Tony\'s advice - after a couple of years of misery with shitty glasses, I got some cool ones and now I am happy :D

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    :rolleyes: sigh......the infamous “coke bottle” glasses.. magnifies my baby blues into freaky proportions ..but other wise I can’t read a lick and if you believe the eye doctor, painting minis is good for the condition, go figure. ???

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    The corrective surgeries are getting better...but presbyopia, astigmatism etc. are conditions that come with age. Most patients that undergo corrective surgery will have to have corrective lenses again in 5-10 years anyway.

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