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    Hi, folks.

    Long time. I\'ve been on a break. But gearing up to get painting again.

    Here\'s my latest effort for your enjoyment. Thanks for looking. Hope you all have been well.

    Best, -Whiz. :)

    Rackham Dwarven Blunderbluss Gunner by Whizard Hlavaz

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    He\'s really awesome Darin! Great contrasts. I read the write-up on the Toads already.

    Thanks for entering him :D

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    8.4? What the f*** ever.

    edit: now 8.3. Yeah.

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    gorgeous..I love him got one myself and they aint easy......

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    I shall repeat myself once more D... you suck. Now a new comment... when did you commission rackham to make a sculpt of your gnome arse? lol

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    That\'s pretty cool. It\'s a great little sculpt and an even better paint job.

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    :)great paint.. good looking mini:cool:

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    Those colors are great. Very vivid. Nice job.

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    Excellent job - love the tartan and the spot on top of his head - great attentoion to detail there :)

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    Awesome job. Did the vote thing.

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