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    were can you get brown stuff????I need it because I used milliput but it was terracotta miiliput and just fell apart so it would help if I could find out were you can get brown stuff.

    the catman

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    CMON store

    I haven\'t checked if they have it in stock, though... but they sell it!

    EDIT: Checked and they are out of it... sorry.

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    thanks;) they do have brown stuff;)but not in stock:cussing:however they have something called white stuff???what is it?
    sorry if there is to many smilies.

    the catman

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    I work with greenstuff, brownstuff and pro-create. I haven\'t tried white stuff myself... but i know some who did and none was pleased with it in the least.

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    HERE at heresy normally but he is out of stock too :( I\'m sure he will have more in soon.

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    if you have access to Ebay just do a search there are quite a few around that sell it.
    Daloonieshaman is one I usually use but phoenix are also good.
    sorry no links but you should be able to find them easy enough.

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    The stuff called white stuff is some sort of cheap putty, much like Milliput, AFAIK. I have heard it\'s not very good, but I haven\'t tried it myself. In my experience, MagicSculpt is the best of these simpler putties.

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    The white putty sucks..dont waste your time or money with it.

    As for brown putty eBay is probably your best source. But if you tell us where your from it would be easier to direct you to a source.

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    Well, there\'s a use for every kind of putty.

    White-Stuff is the oposite to brown-stuff, it\'s kinda flexible while brown stuff gets very hard.
    In my opinion both putties are less sticky than green-stuff, so working with them is a little bit easier.

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    Anybody know about that new \"grey-stuff\"? It looks like the sculptors at Masquerade minis have switched to it. Anyone tried it?

    EDIT: I guess what I was talking about was \"pro-create\" It\'s on their page LINK

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    i\'ve recently bought some pro-create from heresy (who give very good service i might add) and will be giving it a go when the various other bits i require have arrived from all over the globe sometime this week and i will let people know what i think of it.

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    Brown stuff eh. Is that what the youngins are calling poo now? :drunk:

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    on Milliput falling apart: try mixing in 30-50% green stuff. This will make the putty stay together better and after hardening the mix will be stronger. It will also be hard enough to file, sand, etc.

    White stuff: kneadatite blue/yellow. Personally I feel the slight difference between green and white don\'t warrant the price difference (well, at least not when I bought some years ago).

    Pro-Create: I wrote a review on it over here: At this moment it\'s one of my main putties.

    Brown stuff: if you tell me what part of the world you\'re in I may be able to suggest a store.

    Hope this helps.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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