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    Default GD Italy \'06?!

    Strange, I haven\'t heard or seen anything about it yet (except for Marco\'s gold, congrats!).

    Does anyone have anything on this?

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    some winners(all cmoners):
    gold in monster whfb and the slayer sword to Francesco Farabi (franciuus on CMON) with a converted Beelakor full of freehands

    David Rodriguez won a silver in Monster whfb with a fantastic giant

    Beltane won 2 golds (Big scale models and Open category) and a silver in units whfb

    Mario Pizzoli (Docitalicus) gold in Monster 40k

    Tony Manero gold in 40k vehicles

    Andrea Ottolini (Magobaku) 2 golds (units whfb and single 40k)

    Raffaele Stumpo gold in duel category

    Fabrizio Fortino gold in units 40k

    I won gold in LOTR category

    At the moment I don\'t remember all the winners...there are some german painters who won silver or bronze and Jeremie Dupuit won a couple of bronze, if i,m not wrong...
    In the next day I will post here a link to the forum of Legio Pictorum (the forum of italian miniature painters) for some pictures.
    I guess GW will post the pictures of winners on the italian website next week.

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    Bestienmeister 3 Silvers...

    I LOVE these Terminators... Who did them...?... He is a real artist, I would love to see him or her in person one day all together with the Minis...:D...

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    Default here

    sword winner:

    and OMG...this is beautiful...more pics here:

    and mods here:

    Matt: These guys?

    one of the blue termiantors is on CMON already....

    by FFDesign.
    That is my favourite space marine, and one of my fav minis on the site :D

    and links to the rest:

    (well, some of the rest)


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    :o wow, some truly fantastic peices, and that sword winner!!!!

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    Hi all,

    we had a good time in Milano. The italian painters are great, a lot of fun.....

    Here is one of my winning entrys:

    Brought me a Silver Demon in Large Scale.

    And the link:

    Cheers, Christian

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    EEEXACTLY... I love those Terminators... he is so good...:D...

    And this Slayer Sword... Speechless... wow... but... what is that...?... It´s incredible good, but is it an Vampire...?...

    Reminds me of \"Apocalypto\"... New Mel Gibson Movie...

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    Originally posted by Matt Cexwish
    EEEXACTLY... I love those Terminators... he is so good...:D...

    And this Slayer Sword... Speechless... wow... but... what is that...?... It´s incredible good, but is it an Vampire...?...

    Reminds me of \"Apocalypto\"... New Mel Gibson Movie...
    It\'s a heavily converted Be\'lakor.

    Thanks for the pics guys!

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    Hi all!

    This year the level of the miniatures was really outstanding thanks also to the painters from Spain, France, germany and Switzerland.

    Here\'s my entry in the Fantasy monster category, I didnt place because it was one of the best categories (the gold was also the sword winner, the silver was David Rodriguez giant and the third one was an amazing slaanesh daemon by Jeremie Dupuis)
    I\'m really happy that my Orion has passed a couple of rounds but honestly the first three miniatures was much better.

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    hi all, thank you soo much for your good words for my work i\'m very glad you like it.

    italian gd was very nice with a lot of friends i whant to thanks to all the foreign for the good time we have together.

    here there are the link at my work on cmon i apreciate a lot your comments criticism suggest on it if you whant.

    thank you a lot for its an honour!


    p.s. sorry for the few words but i have a really bad english hope i wrote not too bad :P:redface:

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    Originally posted by Bestienmeister
    Hi all,
    Here is one of my winning entrys:
    It looks cool, but may I ask what happened to the backpack? Why did you leave it off? Great work anyway, I\'m just curious.



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    Here\'s the coverage report from the Gw Italy site .. some nice stuff.........
    GD Italy 06 winners

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    *throws my paint and brushes away* WOW Thanks for reminding me how rubbish i am at painting :D

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    Unfortunately the pictures are really awful (so there is a big polemic about this on a gw forum in Italy) as always...
    I hope I will post soon a link with decent pictures of some winners...this year there was a very high level at italian GD and they really deserve better pictures.

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    the photographer should be beaten with his cam:moon:

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    You\'re upset about those photos? It\'s a good job you haven\'t entered US GD, you\'d probably explode with anger!

    They have come out a lot better than many of the other country\'s GD pictures. I\'m thinking that GW Italy probably don\'t quite have the quality of cameras and knowledge available at events like UK Games Day so it\'s understandable they aint perfect, and I\'d rather this than nothing!

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    a good idea would be to get some of the better photographers to have a talk with the italian photographer and pass on some tips.

    she would probably be greatfull:)

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