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Thread: Subject matter or size?

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    Default And your point is?

    Originally posted by Duende.... if I had a hobby that took up a lot of space, I wouldn\'t have anyplace to walk, sleep, eat, whatever!

    You just want the luxuries in life...;):flip:

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    I got into minis from D&D so I would say fluff first but then when I found GW minis the detail of them really got me into it. I like gaming but Im a painter first.

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    for me its a way to relax and become still, I find it very easy to be violent and partake of certain legal enterprises to allow me to express my violent nature however conversely when paintin i find myself able to escape that aspect completely and become quite introspective.

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    Well, my mom is 4\'8\" tall so she\'s almost in scale. :drunk:

    I got all my hair and while much of it is going grey it does look good. But at 6\', 245lbs I\'m not small at all.

    As for the point of the thread I must say I\'m one of the \"\'arf & \'aft\" types as wel. I started painting my little plastic soldiers as a young kid and was into 1/35 tanks and such before I got into 25mm fantasy. When I discovered the 25mm fantasy genre I was hooked immediatly. My first figs came from a guy at a flea market who had a box of unopened Ral Partha/RAFM minis back in about \'79ish. I bought a few, painted them up and have been hooked ever since. My mom went back the next week and bought all the minis he had and doled them out to me as special gifts and such over the next few years (really a great idea on her part).

    I can\'t say it\'s just the scales, my dad was really into model railroad and I used to help him with scenery and such but was never really \'into\' it. My 6yr old really loves model railroad stuff so maybe the genre side skips a generation.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, on a side note, my wifie was 5\'4\" and about 110lbs when I maried her. After our first kid she went back to about 110lbs. After our second kid she went back to about 110lbs. After this kid I sure hope it happens again. Even 7months pregnant (now) she\'s only in at about 135lbs.

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    Maybe it is the size. I\'m not sure but things I liked as a kid were Revell and Monogram ww2 airplane kits. Tanks were not my thing but I built tons of planes and hung them up with monofilament all over the ceiling. The painting was always secondary though as I just liked putting bullet holes in everything. Probably the size and ease of finishing were the main draw, but the subject matter was an attraction also as I spent lots of time in the library with old ww2 books.

    It\'s probably a split between subject matter and ease of completion but weighted to the ease of completion. A miniature is much easier to finish than a big painting or sculpture.

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    Originally posted by elouchard
    The painting was always secondary though as I just liked putting bullet holes in everything.
    Hehe... I did that too! lol

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    Default Hmmmm..

    And there was always the air rifle and lighter fluid thing that just had to be done with old models...or was that only me?

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    I didn\'t have an air gun, but if I did I probably would have found good use for it... ;)

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    When I first started I had always had a fascination with monsters and Fantasy.. good old Sinbad and all bow down to Clash of the Titans.....(mr Harryhausen you da man)

    also throw in a bit of star wars and a lot of comic books and that\'s me little geek.

    I started modelling planes and other kits but got a computer games magazine with a free citadel Goblin on it...(about 22 years ago now...)
    suddenly here was something that was perfect for me ....a make believe monster I could build and paint.. didn\'t need much room loved that little guy.. (still have him sat proudly on my shelf)

    anyway along the 22 years had a small period (booze and women time) where I wasn\'t painting the models but I still always kept my hand in there (still bought em too) but was reding books watching the films just not painting or modelling...

    Then I refound the hobby and started at it with gusto.. I am more into it now than ever before and Find myself more swayed by the minis than anything else.I see so many cool sculpts and don\'t give a Rats ass what they are they are just cool. every so often something captures me and I delve into the background but it\'s very rare I spend time reading now (only looking for background character to add to a model) .....

    so burble over now the question...well it\'s waxed and waned for me models /world models /world..
    one thing has always stayed true though since that very first one..Small is beautiful....

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    Originally posted by demonherald
    ..Small is beautiful....
    I agree but why small?

    I suspect that \'precision\' and \'perfection\' are beautiful but that an individual can only hope to achieve that in a small way?

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    I started scale modelling when I was six. Mostly 1:76 - 1:72 scale military vehicles. The size was probably because of budget and space. And I had a fascination for small things, so I\'ve never felt the urge to go larger (same now with minis).

    I first saw minis in an add in 1982 but never found a store till 1990. I then got a few and a few years later fantasy role play became more popular here and the local comic store started to stock them. So I then started getting minis. Gradually fantasy miniatures took over from military vehicles. Probably since the later was too similar to my daytime job (mechanical machinery design) and fantasy gave me more creative freedom. And that\'s still so, even though I\'m still interested in military verhicles\' history and technology.

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    Default Excellent thread

    When I was 10-12 I had a Model railroad and town laid out on a piece of plywood, and I would play with the little people and cars as much as the trains. I used to spend hours pouring over Model Railroader magazine, designing huge new layouts on graph paper... I still have a couple of the drawings and they are amazingly detailed and intricate for a kid.

    I must of dumbed down with age. :rolleyes:

    Anyhow, at 13 I read The Hobbit, and became facinated with fantasy. At 14 I discovered D&D (still in it\'s infancy), and found it amazing that I could play out my fantasies with pen and paper. At 15 I discovered my first \'gaming\' store, and I fell in love. I loved models, loved reading, loved fantasy, loved games, and now I could roll it all into one hobby. It was like a dream come true.

    I also loved art, and took MANY elective art courses throughout Jr and Sr high (although I was always far from the best, natural talent alluded me).

    So although many D&D players were using miniatures at the shop, it was only the Napoleonic players that were painting them. I was amazed at the detail level these guys could paint at, so I tried my hand and brought my first batch of painted minis to the game the folowing week.

    The rest of the group couldn\'t believe my skills, I had actually painted eyes! Something unheard of in 1979, and I started painted 2-3 a week for our group. I was the star back then, but by todays standards I would rate a 2-3. Even the army painters at the other tables were impressed (they had never tried eyes, but then again they were doing 15mm).

    Most of the group were college kids (thats where the group went after the store closed), and I was only 16 spending EVERY weekend at the SUNY campus. I was like a prodigy or something, and when kids at my HS found out I was hanging with college kids it actually help pull me up a few notches on the nerd-O-meter. Cool kids would speak to me in the halls, and I even dated girls, much to the chagrin of the rest of the chess club. :D

    Sorry for going on, but 16-18 were probably the finest years of my life, and I get all misty thinking about them.

    Good times... Good times

    Oh, and to answer your question I would say it was a natural progression of ALL my interests coupled with my creativity. It was a no-brainer; too bad my skills are identicle to how they were in \'79. :(

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    Hmm - I got started from gaming.

    And about the same time I started doing scale models.

    Oh, and as for the size thing - my first wife was 5\'3\", my second wife was 6\', and my girlfriend is 5\'3\". So it seems I like various scales. lol

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    for me, it\'s a mixture of both. mostly the subject matter though. love good quality sci-fi, simple as. but iprefer the stuff in smaller scale. maybe because, as finn said, perfection is achieved when things are smaller. but probably because i\'m lazy and can\'t blend well on larger figures!

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    Originally posted by finn17

    I\'d suggest that a couple of million years ago, most of us would be seeking perfection in knapping flint arrowhead or tools. It\'s the reshaping of nature that appeals ...and the desire to improve and get better.
    That is so insightful.
    If you hadn\'t mentioned that I would never have even considered that aspect of our natures.
    Kudos Steve.

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    Wow, that was insightful, come to think of it. :o

    Whatever I look at, no matter what the subject matter, I always think of ways I would have done it different.

    I also like to draw maps and I like the designing end of carpentry MUCH better then actually building something.

    The quest for perfection, huh? Hmmmm......:cool:

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    Default thats the psychologist in him talking

    Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    That is so insightful.
    If you hadn\'t mentioned that I would never have even considered that aspect of our natures.
    Kudos Steve.
    he\'s a clever boy (he just hides it well).

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    Originally posted by finn18
    Originally posted by demonherald
    ..Small is beautiful....
    I agree but why small?
    Everybody knows that small is beautifaul and all nice things come in small packages :)

    After all a mouth full is pure bliss a hand ful is great but if you have to use both hands one will get cold :twisted:

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    :D yes, size matters:D.........huh?..........oh, we\'re not talking about \"That\", gutter girl....:~(

    never mind :rolleyes:;)lol

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    the reason i like some minis is the war and that topic and painting the cool models liek the new eldar artach thinking imaging going into war as him flying and slicing through tau armour and hearing there screams of agony and so on lol

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