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    Hi all,

    A friend of mine paints High Elves and he wanted to know how to paint white. Me being a Dark Elf player I never painted white before so I started reading some articles on how to paint white and did a little test last week.

    I started with the basic preparations, after a 2 layered white coating I painted the left leg with watered down Skull White to make it completely white. Then I added 3 layers of watered down Elf Flesh Wash and added highlights with Skull White.

    The yellowish white dominates because I kept the white Highlights small, I guess when you make the white Highlights bigger it will dominate more.

    Tell me what you think and maybe how I could improve it.

    Kind regards,


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    Lots to say here, and not to fob you off, but; I think that >>this<< article says it all, really. Some good tips for other difficult colours too.

    And welcome, Dreamfish. :)

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    I think the wash came out slightly blotchy. Better to use a solid colour as the base and white washes for highlights on this particular subject. But for highelf robes that could definately work.

    this is another good article on the subject

    Khaki is a good colour for white shading that I often use.

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    Sorry dude, but I\'m only getting the little red cross :/

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    Cant see the pic either.

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    Can see it now, and it looks pretty good to me... I usually shade with space wolf grey or snakebite, but yours looks good too.

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