What was your first Mini ever?
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Thread: What was your first Mini ever?

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    Default What was your first Mini ever?

    Just wondering what people started with? What was the first mini you bought, the first you painted and were they the same?

    Myself: I inherited my fathers collection of 70s lead minis.

    The first I painted was a bookshelf by either Ral Partha or Rafm.

    First Mini I purchased for myself was some of the old Talisman minis of which a Toad was the first I painted.

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    First painted was an orc from heroquest. First bought after that was a Fizban from the old ral parthas

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    Twas ye olde terminator my cousin let me paint..it was blue and he was called binky the destroyer.
    I wouldn\'t have let me paint it...More fool him! BWAHAHAHA!!!

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    Default my first mini

    The first minis I ever painted were from the old West End Games line of Star Wars miniatures battles. I had a decently sized force of stormtroopers that I painted with oil based testors enamels. Good for me at the time as I was about 9 but in retrospect they look like crap now.

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    my first was proberly a imperial guardsman.My first proper mini was a Space Wolf rune priest and is still in my gallery *hint hint*


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    It was a female cleric from one of teh old AD&D boxed sets. It was a very simple mini and an even simpler (aweful) paint job.

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    This guy here:

    Painted him in 1980. Somehow he\'s managing to currently score 3.1.
    Personally I think he should be down in the 2s but I guess people feel sorry for him :)

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    Some cool stuff. I know I still have that bookcase on a shelf somewhere, I will need to remember to take a pic and get it posted up here and provide a link.

    That last one kinda looks like a dude in a Spacesuit with a sword.

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    Originally posted by Gilvan Blight
    Some cool stuff. I know I still have that bookcase on a shelf somewhere, I will need to remember to take a pic and get it posted up here and provide a link.
    Everyone should do this. We can have a \"Worst 1st mini\" contest. lol

    That last one kinda looks like a dude in a Spacesuit with a sword.
    He’s a “Rebel Hero” from the game Galacta 25. Basically a Star Wars ripe off – they even call the bad guys storm troopers. There’s more info in the vote link above. You can also search my gallery with “Galacta” if you’re interested in seeing more figures from the set.

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    If I disregard tanks and plastic figures the first one would be an orc I made in clay. There were no stores here so I made it myself. The first ones I bought were a set of female warriors (not sure what brand), a Ral Partha dwarven and some normans.

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    Grenedier henchmen with the two guys carrying the chest. There were a bunch of guys in that set that got \"painted\" with testors enamels. They were cool back in the day. I think the lantern guy was the first.

    here is a photo of the set from stuff of legends.

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    My first mini ever (non plastic toy soldiers or 1/35 scale models) was a goblin in partial plate armor with a shield and a sword. He was moving forward with the sword crossed in front of the shield. Though I sold most of my collection years ago (only to rebuild it since) I know I kept that guy for sentimental reasons but alas I can\'t find him anywhere. He was either RAFM, Ral Partha, or Citadel (RAFM in the late \'70s - early 80\'s distributed both RP and Citadel) though I\'d think likely RP or Citadel. Wish I could find the mini and wish I could track down it\'s source.

    @ elo: I have that very set of Grenadier Henchmen unpainted and in it\'s box down in my basement. Sold my original box of them many-many years ago but purchased another off eBay a few years ago.

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    Less than 2 years ago I started brand new to the hobby, with Jolie the Scribe, Mi Sher female dervish and Gossamer (I think...). I bought them all from Reaper at the same time, and painted one right after the other. Then I found CMoN and subsequently dipped them all in acetone. I see the error in this now, but it\'s too late. I will have fun painting them again, though, when I get back to them.

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    My first minis were Airfix HO/OO scale WWII german mountain troops, I tried to paint them (very badly) and I kind of got hooked from there on.
    It was a few years later that I discovered the world of Citadel, Denizen that sort of thing.

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    started with the GW LOTR FOTR when it came out. Was only interested in the gaming side until the ROTK set when I started painting.

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    Default my first mini

    my first mini was the ork bike, which I bought from GW five years ago. i painted it really baddly with acryllic. then my friend stood on it:(

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    Looks like we have some minis that could use a repaint and then a post to crappy mini.

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    oh yeah, my friend got the banner from the bike stuck in his foot, so he started dancing round the room.lol happy days.

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    Squat with meltagun, painted black and gold.

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