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    Default Hero Basing Kit - Worth it?

    I was thinking about getting the Hero Basing kit and i was wondering, is it really wort it... i\'m not going to use the resin skulls as my army is all based on Slate with a small ammount snow on top, but i was thinking about having my heros (esspecially my termi chaplain) based on a slate base that\'s built up more then the other (the troops are on one peice of slate) and have the snow melting off and having some dead grass showing through, so back to my original question, is it worth buying it for $30AUS or would i be better off going and buying some cheap brushes for dead grass, and buy a bag of slate from somewhere (but where?).


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    I don\'t know what\'s in this kit, I haven\'t seen it, but I have to vote \'no.\' Have you tried checking out railroad shops, or the railroad section of a giant hobby shop? If you find the right place they\'ll have an infinite variety of flock, grasses, foliage and tree kits, etc.

    I\'ve had alot of success mimicking slate with pink insulation foam. I just use sandpaper to inscribe the, uh, layers? Here\'s an example (but ignore the gloss) : http://www.coolminiornot.com/135862

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    Some other opinions (and solutions ;)) :


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    i was planning to get the hero basing kit, then my mate pointed out that a bag of slate isnt worth much, and i dont really plan on using the skulls. so GW nearly ripped me off:flame:

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    well i bought it and i think it\'s worth it but if youre only interested in the slate then it probably will not be very usefull for you.

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    I personally think they are fairly decent value for money wise, but only if you intend to use the resin pieces. Everything else can be obtained from other sources for cheaper.

    As for slate, Garden centres sell big massive cement size bags of the stuff. You can pick up these for around £5 a bag.

    From what you say, I feel it would not be worth you personally buying the basing kit, as you also don\'t get any snow in it.

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    I got 2 of them for my son. He is thoroughly covinced he has to have the skulls and slate.

    They were a christmas gift to him.

    Me personally, I don\'t think they are all that and would not get one for myself even at half the price. you could do much better hitting the hobby shops and garden centers.

    But like I said, I got 2 for my son.

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    You know, what the world really needs is a good five-cent cigar... I mean... a cheap source of 25 mm scale skulls, in bulk. I mean, is a pewter skull the size of this \"O\" really worth over a buck? NO! (ahem, Reaper & GW) Sell them by the bagful, and people will buy them. That is the basing accessory that I want.

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    thats a good idea.

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    @ Gencon and Reapercon Reaper sells a Paint bottle full of their little pewter Skull agitatos. The only problem is those things are so miscast it is not funny.

    I bought the HBK...I thought the Battlefield one was a better deal for 5 bucks less but I hate having surplus and would rather spend a few extra bucks for what I want now and will use now then for stuff I may use once and never pick up again.

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    Yeah nice if can get the skulls and cast well without the bubbles.

    Black Cat do big range but v.poor quality and finishing from what I\'ve seen.

    Quick question does anyone do anything in terms of resin that will slide into existing slotta sizes rather than whole base? Is it worth it or better to get all in one.

    Looking to theme some units soon

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    Found this one just yesterday. 20 skulls for 5€; the company is called \"Tins Bits\". Their webshop can be found here and you can change the language to english in the lower right-hand corner.
    I haven\'t looked too closely into them though and have no idea what quality they supply.

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    Originally posted by No Such Agency
    You know, what the world really needs is a good five-cent cigar... I mean... a cheap source of 25 mm scale skulls, in bulk. I mean, is a pewter skull the size of this \"O\" really worth over a buck? NO! (ahem, Reaper & GW) Sell them by the bagful, and people will buy them. That is the basing accessory that I want.
    I hear ya. I was just about to make a thread about finding bags \'o skulls. Tough buggers to find. I swear they used to sell them in the CMoN shop, but I searched last night and didn\'t find anything. Must have been my imagination.

    Aside from that - aquarium and pet stores often have slate. I don\'t know if that was mentioned yet. I\'d pass on the GW kit, personally, the skulls are really the only nice thing.

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    My opinion of the HBK is well documented in the thread that Green Stuff linked to early on (hey, I started it ;) ). Basically I think it\'s great value if you want to use everything in it in small quantities. However if you jaust want slate on a large scale then just buy slate etc. Not being an army builder, I\'m not restricted in that way and just want to create a few individual bases with minimal effort.

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    i got it, it\'s actually nothing i was expecting, the resin is so stinky i can\'t even open the tub, it\'s miscast badly, the slate is more like a garden rock i\'d find in ym backyard, doesn\'t even look like slate! the small bits of slate are alright, but the dried up grass is hard to handle...

    i think i shoulda just purchased a bag of slate from somewhere instead, o well...


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    I\'ve got the HBK and it was worth my money. then again mine was given to me free by a nice old man i helped in the FLGS find the needed parts for his model trains he couldn\'t find. Otherwise... you get sand... miscast resin skull bases, slate that didn\'t impress me all to much, yellow flock and green clump foliage that\'s almost to hard and stuck together to use. Honestly i don\'t see it worth the money for the amount you get in the kit. BUT if you got the spare cash and only want to make a select few minis stand out then well... it\'s better then nothing.

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