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    Anyways, this is the limited edition Angor Prok model for Warhammer 40K.

    When I painted him green and brown were common colours for Kroot. I didn\'t want to paint either, so I chose blue.

    Anyway, I won\'t start making excuses for my colour choices. I want to hear everything people want to say. What would make this miniature better? What colours would be better, what bits could use better technique, etc, etc.


    Also, you can give feedback on

    but as he was painted as a rank and file he doesn\'t NEED improvement. However, I\'ll probably be able to use any suggestion on something I\'m trying to paint to display level, so if you want to comment, feel free. I\'ll just be patiently hitting my refresh button, waiting for a response.

    Oh, and I\'m not complaining (because the Shaper doesn\'t have enough votes to be accurate) but is

    really better then the Shaper? LOL

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    Better, I don\'t know, but they\'re 2-3 times as small. Which makes it a little harder to paint, you see.

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    The skin is way nice, and the reddish brown is a great colour well applied. I agree with the comment about the blade looking a little dull. This guy\'s a shaper after all. You could try, dare I say it, NMM! :o It\'s not as hard as some people make out and it does look like you can blend your colours well enough to pull it off. :D

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    Yeah, I know people think it\'s harder to paint 10mm, but as I painted it, I can tell you I spent next to no time on it. I think I need to try a display quality WM Orc to show people what can be done.

    Anyway, I was mostly joking. It\'s the comments that I\'m after on this site.

    Panza. I\'ve considered what you said and I have to agree. The sword is definately a focal point composition wise. I\'m being swayed to finishing the base by people promising to give me an 8. I think I\'ll do NMM on the blades. Do you think the body of the gun would benefit from NMM as well?

    NMM is good for blades because you want to show that smoothness. Gun\'s aren\'t shiny metal though.

    Or is it a bad idea to mix NMM with metallic, as it confuses the eye to what it represents, in the same way as seeing a crater with light from the S makes it look like it\'s a bump.

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    Default Fear not...

    Fear not, for they CAN live side by side in harmony, although you have to balance everything just perfectly.

    Anyway, try a different colour blade, you know the kind, like an ice blade or a fiery blade. They are the kind of thing we\'re seeing less and less of at the moment, which is a shame.

    rev :)

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    Or just do the gun as a different colour. :D

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    Default Angor Prok - Kroot Shaper

    Well, I like this model :)

    I think the blue works nicely, and is highlighted and shaded very nicely.

    The red on the legging has some nice depth to it, as do the arm bands and gloves.

    I think for an improvement, there needs to be more shading and highlighting.

    The metals are somewhat flat. The blade on the rifle is good, but the one he is holding is somewhat flat. The golds in his hair need some highlight too.. maybe give them a thin wash of brown ink and then hit it with gold again for the highlights?

    The bones need some highlights too, they just seem sooo flat next to the wonderful job on the flesh and red leather.

    Perhaps his the cloak with some highlights too?

    And base it up. :) Great work

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    I would give the kroot a diorama base with a large stone staying on and grass around something like this .
    the orc could have more highlighting on the skintone but the rest is pretty ok.

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