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    Default Freehand example

    I just saw this on the Headblast forums, and I\'m going to say exactly the same thing as they did :
    You want freehand ? There\'s some freehand :

    This is 54mm btw

    Edit : others can be found here : LINK

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    Yes, I have a magazine (Figurine, IIRC) featuring an article on Vityaz. They\'re a very professional group of modellers and painters, and the results they obtain are amazing. I\'ve had the chance to see some of them \"in the flesh\", and they are simply outstanding!

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    Let\'s see if I can work out how to post a pic...

    Hay, it works! Do you want to see some more? I wouldn\'t want to make this thread too image heavy...

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    Default WOW!

    Originally posted by VLRM
    ... Do you want to see some more?...
    Well, I can only speak for myself but...


    That stuff is mind blowingly cool!

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    Um, did you notice the link I posted with the pic ? :D

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    Default Disgusting!

    Could you please put a warning that people might want to drop their brush and pick up knitting instead?
    :|~ Well, I would certainly not be good at knitting either, so I might just go on dreaming that I could achieve such a result one day...

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    Default I think it\'s all done in Photoshop...

    It\'s probably just a clever plug-in for Photoshop, or perhaps they are using know the things..soak them in a saucer of water until the backing falls off?

    I think my backing is about to fall off so I\'m off to soak myself in lager and consider the \'knitting option\'lol

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    Oh my God... I\'m going to go weep for a while and then make a few sweaters.

    - Otter
    \"Never send a ferret to do a weasel\'s work\"

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    Wow. I tried some freehand on my CMON Amazon\'s shield. I thought it\'d be cool if she had a naked viking type valkyrie with helmet and sword, posed to fit into the triangular shield face. It came out looking like a crayon drawing - \"Ok, honey, you can draw on mommy\'s shield, before she goes off to battle.\"

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    I did see the link, U4-Welcome. Just thought I\'d share some pics taken by myself... so I can guarantee these are 100% real! Oh, and every one of us should visit the site and weep... :rolleyes:

    And since supervike asked for it...


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    Oh my god - these are wonderful. I am just stunned speechless (ok typeless).

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    Default ok

    for more stuff like this do a search for \"euromilitaire\".

    or go to doc faust\'s site where he has pics from 3 years worth of the events up.

    it\'s worth mentioning that all of these figures are 54mm and up.


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    Default 54mm even so.....

    D@mn, d@mn and d@mn again. Pardon my language but \"d@mn\" those are stunning! Thanks for posting the images and the link, now I\'m just going to put my brush away and join finn17 for a lot of lager.

    Cheers Darkblade :cool:

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    First, let me say Damnnn. I\'ve seen some of the other figures they\'ve done before at the site but I hadn\'t seen these ones before. Now a clarification these really are hand painted. and each one is slightly different because they have a staff of painters.
    I told one of the slayer sword winners about the site and their take on it was pretty healthy. Yes they\'re good but if they can do it so can I. And if you look at the most recent Slayer sword piece you can tell where she got the ideas for some of the effects on her inquisitor. If you sit and analyze each picture you\'ll likely discover that most of the things they are doing are not really that difficult. It\'s still shading, blending, line drawing and practice. But if you give up, no you\'ll never be able to paint this well. (Also they\'re twice the size of the stuff most of us paint) Just because of the scale issue there are things you just can\'t do on a 28mm figure.

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    Default ...

    What can i say?!?


    I meant disgusting GOOD!!

    Did they even bother to comprehend that seeing something like that in the real can blow a person\'s brains out....uh...Oh....


    There goes mine...:(

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    of course those are extraordinary . . . !

    But I\'ve never seen that level/style of painting applied to 25-28mm . . . Well, not that I recall.

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    Hehe, I liked the comment that went along the lines of \"well it\'s ONLY shading, highlighting, and straight painting, so it\'s not that difficult (not to mention it\'s 54mm)\". Um, yes. So is absolutely everything else in mini painting, no ? :D

    Oh, and VLRM, I was actually talking to supervike, thinking that if he had seen the link he wouldn\'t have needed to ask for s/o to post them here. Not that I mind, I have yet to see them all. :D

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    Default you talkin\' to me?

    Actually, I didn\'t see the link!

    It was like trying to look at something while staring at the sun, I was too blinded!

    But, I see it now! Thanks.....lollollol

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    Default I\'m never going to paint again

    I could do that:)


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