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    Default Atlanta Games Day \'07

    Hi Everyone,

    I know I\'m posting this early, but I also know people need to plan early - especially since the Atlanta GD is the first of the year.

    Just wanted everyone to know that we (Grumb and I) will again be hosting an After-GD party at our house with help from Rodnik and his wife.

    If you\'re planning on coming to GD and want to come to the party please post here and let me know so we can work out directions etc.

    I\'ll also post possible menus here :drunk: and get some feedback. Of course, it will depend on weather too. (If it\'s as nasty as it was last year we\'ll do something REALLY warm!)

    Hope you all can make it!! :bouncy:


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    wait...first of the in 01/01/08?

    wow. that is early! i\'ll let ya know!

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    Originally posted by Phaen
    wait...first of the in 01/01/08?

    wow. that is early! i\'ll let ya know!
    No, it is the first GD event of the year (2007).

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    Just had a look at the US dates :D not sure what I am doing or exactly where I will be at the end of April at the moment until I rejoin the ship and check the program for this year.

    Atlanta might be a bit dodgy date wise but I will try my hardest but the other three from memory are certainly doable subject to program changes.
    Although I am not intending to fly over for all of them, if I can\'t make Atlanta then I might try for Baltimore but either way it will probably be just for the weekend.

    I will have to let you know as soon as I get the program of events when I get back around the 15th Jan unless I get recalled early again.


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    I\'m planning on going, and since I\'ll be staying at Chez Clark, I imagine I\'ll be tagging along with them to your party.

    Now whether I actually put paint on a GW figure for the first time ever and enter something at GD is another matter entirely. :P

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    Default Be there with bells on...

    ATM, I\'m planning on being at GD Atlanta. Maybe I\'ll even have the exchange mini that I\'ve owed Gumb for what, 2.5 years? :)

    I\'d probably drive up in my Mini - Cooper, that is.

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    I know I haven\'t been active here very much this year, (Too much family stuff going on) but I will definitely be there. Hopefully, with more than one entry.

    Count me in for the after party also.


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    I wish I could go this year, but that whole thing of being in texas and all:( take some pics of the party and stuff.

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    Well a week at work and several program changes later I will not be able to fly over for Atlanta as I will be somewhere in the North Sea bouncing around Baltimore may be an option but it depends on a lot at teh moment as my No 2 in work has just suffered an emulisum on his lungs so I have nobody to run things in my abscence so I may not make it to any of the US GD\'s :(

    Would have been nice to have met up with a few of you folks across the pound but maybe another year :)

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    Well, I will be going to my first GD this year and ATL seems to be it. I am working on some entries (2 ATM) and sure as hell would like to meet some CMoN members in person...

    Count me in for the \"after-GD-party\" thingy... :drunk:

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    Glad that a lot of you are returning this year and so many new people can make it!

    Haven\'t talked to Rodnik yet but we had the best meals at a local BBQ place and I\'m thinking of just buying a bunch of their pulled pork and chicken. Yum, Yum!

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    I\'m still considering it, even though Atl GD is on the Apr 28th and my birthday is the 24th. And it\'s rather a long drive to do by myself. Is anyone else from the Northeast going? Because it sounds like a really good BBQ.... Yum!

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    I am hoping I can make it. I was going to go to Atlanta and make a return trip to Chicago but.... well my wife\'s van died and the mechanic said I was better off trading it in and getting a new one, kinda if it was ahorse they\'d a shot it...twice to be sure...

    Anyhoo, disposable income took a hit so Atlanta maybe really hard to swing.

    But there is always next year!!


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    I am with Gar this year... sniffle, not the income to warrant the travel but I will be missing you all very much , I am sure the whole family will be missing you guys.

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    I\'ll be coming to Atlanta again as well. Probably won\'t make it to the barbecue though, due to the large size of the group we come down with. I\'m sorry to hear you and your family won\'t make it this year Tracy, but I can certainly understand.

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    And of course Darin and I will be there...with Flynn in tow--if he shows---and anyone else that might decide to crash at the house.

    Will I have something ready to compete that day? Who the hell knows. I\'ve started and restarted the same entry about 10 times now....sigh...


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    Damn perfectionist. Just paint already.


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    Damn perfectionist. Just paint already.
    It\'s a curse I tell you!!:P

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    At least you\'ve started something.

    I\'m still trying to get past the whole idea of actually putting paint on a GW figure.

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