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    Default Kudos to Jakob!

    Well iv just recieved the 2 of Jakob Nielsen\'s Goblin sculpts, Snirk the Goblin Ruffian and Nitti the Goblin Judge Assistant. And i have to say i am overly impressed by the quailty.

    Firstly the Judge Assistant was free because i ordered a mini from his Runic line in January, which was the main reason i ordered one (and the amazing paint job! :D) which is fantastic, always nice to get something for free!

    The first thing i noticed about these minis was the weight, they are cast in pewter (?) and have a great weighty feel, which immediately makes me think of sturdyness and unbreakabitity (is that a word!) and the quailty of the sculpting and casting, every tiny detail is shown perfectly and there are no flaws or roughness on any of the surfaces.

    And extra kudos for the hand written note, its always nice to recieve something a little personnal from a buisness!

    Fantastic work Jakob and i will surely be ordering more from you in the future! (your free mini marketing has surely paid off here!)

    Now to just give them the paint job they deserve!

    P.S and one of them is holding a FISH!! Hehe that made me laugh when i seen that!

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    Hmm, this bodes well :) I\'m looking to buy some of these myself soon, I am getting more and more impressed by the quality. I\'m glad you liked yours Matty, and we want to see em painted :D

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    Well iv just ordered some W&N\'s so these are going to be the first things i paint with them, to give them a good test run! But yea, they are seriously worth ordering!

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    omg these models are amazing got mine yesterday n ive finished painting my assistant judge and im painting the ruffian as we speak i recomend everyone get yourself some of these minis


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    That sounds like a good deal, I really like the latest minis in this line. For the forseeable future I won\'t be buying anything unless I really need it, but I hope he sells a few minis off the back of this deal.

    There was a time when every GD winning miniature had a fish on it somewhere, usually the base. I think Joe Hill puts a fish on all his minis, or used to, amongst others.

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    Sounds great.
    *opens wallet* Oh look at the moths! :rolleyes:

    Maybe my parents... JK lol

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    Not really, they are only £5 each and you get a free model with every order (In January). So i only paid £2.50 for each model. Plus the quality is far higher than most stuff on the market.

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    suppose i\'m seeing it from a differen\'t perspective as i\'m not to keen on them myself.

    nothing wrong with the sculpting, just not my taste.

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    Damn you people. So much for cutting down on spending in the New Year. I\'ve just placed my order (Goblin Ruffian and SF Chick). Can\'t wait to see a bigger range to select from though. Now... just have to finish my million other projects before I can paint these :no:

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    Im busy painting the goblin ruffian! :D Its my first attempt at NMM and its looking good! (IMO) No piccies till he\'s finished though! (To be honest, me camera\'s bust)

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    lol oh man, do those models suck.

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    I like the goblin judge assistant, can\'t say I\'m particularly hot on the Sci Fi models.

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    Originally posted by grakhnar
    lol oh man, do those models suck.
    lol Oh man, does your social sensitivity suck...

    I\'d like to see you do better :moon:

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    Or rather social sensitivity..

    The ability to say that miniatures suck is proportional to how large the company is. GW is the largest company so hence it is the company where it is most accepted to say their miniatures suck. BUT WARNING! if the sculptor is a frequent cmon or another large board visitor it is not accepted to say their miniatures suck (same with painting).

    It is not okay to say small lines suck IF they aren\'t by 1) someone who\'s \"obviously only in it for the money\" and/or acts like a bastard or 2) Someone who has worked as a sculptor for any of the large companies if he or she hasn\'t denounced the company in question after quitting.

    In this case you can only offer constructive criticism.


    BTW. I might order the gobbo assistant as I like it very much.. and my personal view is to never say that things suck that people have used their creativity to construct even if they are a part of a large company.. criticism is of course very much okay.

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    Originally posted by grakhnar
    lol oh man, do those models suck.
    Oh noes, random newbie hate!


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    Ordered a few on Sunday and they turned up this morning. Personally I think they are OK and a different slant on goblins isn\'t a bad thing, I quite like them :D

    Nice sculpts Jakob and an excellent turn around :D

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    Hi all
    Can someone please leave me a link to his website where I too can go and order one of these gobbos I keep reading about.

    Thanks: Meridian

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