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Thread: favourite GW sculptor

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    Whoever sculpted the Forge World GUO.. that mini is breathtaking. :drool:

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    Not sure if they still work for GW but I love the Perry twins stuff.

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    Im surprised no one mentioned Aly Morrison. He did alot of the new Dwarf stuff not to mention the goblins.

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    Originally posted by Bloodthirster666
    Im surprised no one mentioned Aly Morrison. He did alot of the new Dwarf stuff not to mention the goblins.
    Methinks a lot of us didn\'t like the new dwarfs or goblins...

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    Originally posted by Ogrebane
    Not sure if they still work for GW but I love the Perry twins stuff.
    Look a bit further up in the thread and you\'ll find the answer to that... :innocent:;)

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    I admire Michael Perry for carrying on sculpting. Not many people can produce such fantastic pieces after having thier arm blown off by a cannon.

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    Jes Goodwin no doubt about it.

    His Eldar were what got me into this hobby almost a decade ago.

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    Brian Nelson and Jes Goodwin are both awesome. Juan Diaz has also done some excellent stuff for GW on a par with these two, but I\'m not sure if he\'s still with them.

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    I\'m not too up to who is who is GW world anymore....

    but I always had a soft spot for anything Aly and Trish Morrison did.

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    I havn\'t got a clue who any sculptors are, but whoever sculpted the vostroyans is pretty good, they are fantastic to paint.

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    There are some great new sculptors that have really improved the quality of GW\'s minis recently. In particular I love Seb Perbet\'s work. He\'s only done a few things so far, such as the new Nurgle demon prince:



    His personal work also hints at amazing things to come:

    (I wish GW would release this)

    (I like how he used ideas from this model in the demon prince GW released years later)

    His painting is also just amazing. The Ghazghkull he did this year blew me away:

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    Felix Paniagua...shame he doesn\'t work for them anymore :(

    I love his moody dwarf lord leaning on his axe...it really is a great piece! Actually all of his pieces I really like.... the Warmachine Trollkin look really good and his own line is :o - especially the dwarf!


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    I think Jes is \'the god\' of GW but there are several who i would rate for my \'dream team\' of GW sculpters. Brian Nelson is of course the first on that list- What he did for Greenskins really is beyond compare, i would rate many of them (particularly the goblins/grots) as among the best GW sculpts ever. Micheal and Alan Perry also: they really fly the flag for grounded gritty realism for GW and utter adherence to the basic human proportions. Juan Diaz does deserve a mention as indeed does Alex Hedstrom and the guys at forgeworld just continue to astound me (Simon Egan imho deserves to be hailed as the next Jes Goodwin)

    Jes Goodwin is and always will be the master with his exceptional grasp of composition and design though.

    Dr Death

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    Originally posted by Dragon Forge Design
    Originally posted by Avelorn
    Originally posted by Dragon Forge Design As for new blood, I think Dave Thomas and Seb Perbert are two of there rising talents.
    Don\'t forget Martin Footitt.. he\'s done some of GW\'s most painted miniatures lately, the farseers and the high elf heroes.
    Yes your correct.. Can\'t forget Martin.

    Plus theres the crew over at Forgeworld to..thats a another group of talented guys.

    GW has a talented bunch, and you see less dogs than really sharp figures these days.
    And in that line of names don\'t forget Mike Anderson too! His work on the new Empire line is quite nice.:)

    It\'s hard to just name one great sculptor within GW but I would say Jes too as without him I\'m 40.000 and WFB wouldn\'t have been that as diverse and great as they are now!

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    hey all

    id have to go with jes, not just for his sculpting but for his unbelievable artwork that has inspired many of us and the other sculptors worldwide. and as far as i know he is the only sculptor to have a golden demon category named after one of his models. i dont know about the rest of the world but here is aus we had a category for the new landraider.

    his artwork really inspires me and i hope to one day emulate it into miniature form.


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