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    Default Joan of Arc

    Okay, I\'m trolling for votes, but I honestly want comments too. Mainly because I can\'t see why she is worse than my dead head spearman.
    So, please, tell me what I could do better.

    Joan of Arc
    Dead Head Spearman
    And I know she\'s got fewer than 100 votes: thus the trolling.

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    The only thing that comes to mind for me is that the JoA mini is mostly one color: metal.

    Your spearman has a little more color to him. With her being mostly armor, it\'s kind of hard to get a truly inspiring paintjob unless you add color to it, which would look silly.

    Best I could do.

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    Well,l I\'d already voted on both of them before, but I guess I can\'t help you much as I gave them both a \"7\".

    However, if I were to have to quibble over minor differences, I\'d favor the Dead Head Spearman but just a bit partly for the reasons Zora gave and partly because of the creativity and humor of the spearman\'s color scheme. If forced to, I\'d probably rank Joan a 6.75 and the spearman a 7.2

    What could you do better? Well, I guess you could have pushed the contrast up just a bit more on Joan\'s armor. Maybe one more layer of shadows. I wouldn\'t change the face though. I like the way you did the face, very subtle and natural. I mean, it\'s not like Joan of Arc would be wearing heavy makeup like one of those tarty Fianas:)

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    shes scoring higher now , i expect is was probably down to the fact that not so many people had voted, the face is great by the way, the armour looks a bit grainy in the pic but i think thats down to the photo i had the same problem recently trying to take a pic of a mini with a lot of metallics on it , i still havent found a solution so if anyones got any tips for photographing metallics id love to know

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    I gave both of them a 7 a while back - I think that it was just the case of the Elf had got more votes than Joan did

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    Default She\'s great but sculpt is ordinary.

    I gave both a 7. As of this post she is slightly ahead. Her photo is slightly grainy and her face is beautiful but her incredible body is covered in plate mail, which disappoints all men. GW fan boys will prefer the elf. Great gems on both figures. Both sculpts are somewhat ordinary, not a lot of movement depicted. I prefer her \'cause I prefer women to elves. Aragorn prefers elves to

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