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Thread: [28571] Braiiins, I need... oh wait, no, feedback, sorry.

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    Default [28571] Braiiins, I need... oh wait, no, feedback, sorry.

    This mini here is my latest work, and I\'m looking for comments and feedback. Specifically, I\'d like to know what people think of the lighting effect I tried. I think the illusion doesn\'t work, but the mini\'s faring much better than I thought it would, and after spending like a month on it, maybe my vision\'s warped. So, do you think it works ? If not, why ?
    Thanks a bunch ! :)

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    If you didn\'t mention there was a lighting effect on that mini, I would just have thought it was a nice color blend on the bottom of the robes...

    But for the rest: awesome paintjob!!

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    The lighting effect is well done, and certainly well blended, but it\'s a bit wrong.

    You\'ve got the lighting reflecting nicely off the dark blue sash, and it\'s looking nice on the underside of the dagger, the gold at the back and that bit of parchment, but what\'s it doing on the upper surfaces of the lowest parts of the purple cloak?

    If the light is to look like it\'s shining upwards then you shouldn\'t paint it on any of the upper surfaces.

    Hope this helps. :D

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    Well, as I intended the source to be the whole base, light should get to the purple cloak... no ?
    I\'ve still got a damn lot to learn :D

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    That\'s fine, but then it should also show on a lot of the other parts of the mini, not just the bottom of the cloak. :D

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    Default good work that man

    I like where you\'re headed with this. I suppose now, after leaving a comment, I should add that it would have been nice to see a closer view, but as many of my postings need the same, that\'s probably a little hypocritical lol.

    I want to see more of that robe - it looks lovely on the blues!

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