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    Absolutley lovin \'Chelsea Dagger\' By the Fratellis at the minute, and fave album currently is City and colour, sometimes.

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    Originally posted by Shawn R. L.
    Jellylips by Ozric Tentacles - VERYCOOL

    Great taste

    did you know the Ozric\'s current drummer wasn\'t born when the band started?

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    Originally posted by supervike
    Originally posted by Bill
    Originally posted by supervike
    The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.
    E M O !


    Honestly Vikey, listen to some real music :D
    I had no idea I was an Emo. I didn\'t honestly know what I was doing.....No wonder I feel so darn sad...lollollol

    My daughter made me listen to it!!

    If you liked that, check out MCR\'s new single, \"Famous Last Words\".

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    The Tetris music for some reason along with the Serenity soundtrack (Serenity and Going for a Ride)

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    Last Sunrise by Aiden
    Angels of the Silences cover by Stretch Armstrong (Originally done by the Counting Crows)
    April Left with Silence by Hopesfall (Actually my all time favorite song...)

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    Currently it\'s;
    I Wish I Had an Angel by Nightwish
    From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to mars

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    \"Vanilla Icecream\" by Steven Lynch. \"Whittling Man\" is a close 2nd.

    ...or maybe it\'s \"Lullaby.\" There is just something about the message of hope at the end, I just tear right up, you know:

    \"Please don\'t cry, I swear i\'ll try to be by your side.
    Right after daddy gets home from the bar,
    Visits his bookie and steals a new car,
    He\'ll drive to the strip club and if Daddy plays his cards right,
    He\'ll bring home your new mommy tonight.

    Li de die, Li de die die de die die die de die,
    Li de die Li de die die de die die de die
    Li die de die de die Le die die de die \"

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    Eh, im listenin to some Crash Test Dummies right now. And Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm is an awesome song with a good meaning in it. They write some wierd lyrics, but this song is really good. But RUSH will always be the greatest band ever formed. Their songs are in perfect composition.

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    Default my choice

    older song (2006 i think?):

    Rompe - Daddy Yankee

    and the remix.

    regular: http://youtube.com/watch?v=TGzYms10VCc

    remix: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8PLQwH5ynus



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    Originally posted by electrolito 77
    Last Sunrise by Aiden
    Good song, although I can\'t stand the video. The singer is just hideous. Seeing his face nearly ruined the song for me lol

    Right now my favorites would have to be \"The Walking Wounded\" and \"A Long December\" (a Counting Crows cover) both by Bayside.

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    I am in a bit of an old-school metal kick right now, the song I keep listening to over and over right now is from Rage, \"Days Of December\" (the song isn\'t that old, but Rage has been around for a long time).

    Rage - Days of December on youtube

    Not exactly brutal, but nice lyrics.

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    A favourite song doesn\'t spring to mind right now, but I can name one I can\'t get out of my head - Club Foot by Kasabian. Not a bad tune, not a classic, but its prominence in Tony Hawk\'s Project 8 (which I\'ve been playing waaaaay too much of on my 360 recently) has made sure it infects my mind.

    The game also has my current least favourite tune too - Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen. I believe that this band was a bit of a piss take effort when they started up, and boy can you tell from the moronic lyrics and painful lack of musical proficiency. Complete shite and it hurts me to listen to it!

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    Having recently played \"Guitar Hero 2\" for the first time.....

    Freebird! lol ??? lol

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    Im liking the song \"k\" by a New Zealand band called The Tutts. I saw Tool live again at the Big Day Out again and really liked everything, but the live version of \"The Pot\" has stuck with me.

    Another shameless plug for a Kiwi group called Minuit too!

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    Can\'t possibly have ONE favourite song (or two or three or ten either, for that matter). There\'s just too many good songs and picking one over the rest (even for a very short time frame) is impossible for me.

    If I have to mention something it would be the two songs available on myspace by Grinderman (Nick Cave\'s new band): \"Get it on\" and \"No pussy blues\"! :D

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    Paperthin Hymn by Anberlin

    and. . .

    History by Funeral For a Friend

    Are definatly the two songs that are being played the most on my iTunes

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    3 actually
    regina spektor:fidelity
    johnny cash: folsom prison blues
    and ummmm....err..... please uh don\'t think any less of me guys.

    Fergie:fergilcious. oh dear god i am so sorry but she is hot and i love the song. Please do not shun me or cross your arms and give me the klingon disgrace gesture.:no:

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