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Thread: Warboss conversion - he\'s big an\' mean!

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    I think I\'m done with the boss. I did some minor additional touchups and added a (relatively tiny) tattoo of the \'Grim\' Glyph to his back. I am pretty happy with him, all things considered.

    And lastly, a lineup of all of my custom HQs, a.k.a. \"Da Wall \'Uv Unbeeleevable \'Urtin\'\"

    It\'s actually pretty funny. I did not plan on having grot helpers for each HQ, but it seems to have worked out that way just due to the way I make my models. I\'ll see if I can\'t continue this trend when I get around to making a biker boss and kommando character.

    Expect to see a finished custom datasheet for Gargrim shortly. :) We\'re still playtesting it, but so far he\'s worked out really nicely.

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    I think the small tattoo is a nice touch. Not everything on him has to be absolutely gargantuan... I don\'t think he\'d sit still long enough for a big solid tattoo to get done up anyway!

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    really impressive work here.
    Thanks for sharing the entire process with us.

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    good stuff - worth the wait!

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    I realize this is probably not the right place for this, but there is no right place for this on the CMON forums, really.

    I\'ve been working hard on formulating and testing rules for a Waaaghboss (instead of a normal Warboss) and Gargrim now has his own custom datasheet that I have put through a lot of testing for balance.


    Just thought I\'d share. :)

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    you know if you ever wanted me to paint any of your stuff, i would totally do it for free. i love your conversions. actually maybe a trade for a scratchbuilt killa kan... that would be cool. btw it looks good but the tats definitely need to be almost like those popular tribal tattoos that ppl are getting nowadays.

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