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    Default need some help on a model

    ok so i am beginning work on yet another piece for gamesday and i want it to be of an adeptus mechanicus scribe. anyone know of one that is standing up but not showing much motion. this would have to be only a gw fig since its for gamesday. please let me know if you have any.


    p.s. the whole idea is to have a head that leads into wires and computer stuff that a tyranid is hiding in. while the scribe is working on writing out something.

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    lono that is perfect.. can i get it at the online store? if not what army is he available in?


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    it belongs to the witch hunters :)

    // Larre

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    Click the link. That\'s the UK store page you can get him from. Just scroll down to get to the individual model.

    Cyril used it in his Silver winning GD diorama in a similar way already though. Don\'t know if that will change your plans at all.

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    no it shouldnt... mine is totally different.

    idea that is.

    thanks lono

    i appreciate it.

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    you could always look into using a forge world has more detail and the gw wich hunter one has been done..alot..good luck !

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    They have an augmented ability to store and process vast amounts of information. They can can calculate trajectories, communicate with local populace and translate ancient texts, all of which helps Inquisitors search out their prey. They are also experts at processing battlefield information and predicting enemy movements.

    In the game they give an Inquisitor +1 ballistic skill and afford him and his retinue one rerolled shot a turn.

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