With the success that we have in the 4th quarter of 2006 and the holiday down time, We pretty much depleted all our stock, not to mention exhausting the staff & volunteers. We used January to get our production back to normal levels. With that out of the way, it is now time for new releases!

Available immediately:

DAG1118 Forsaken Bane Warband #2 Boxset(6 miniatures) $26.99

Easily the most numerous of all of the Forsaken battle units, the Bane are the core close combat shock troops in the Forsaken Armies. Any volunteers first enlisting into the Forsaken forces are generally assigned to the Bane ranks. Their training revolves exclusively around the use of their double-headed maces, which they wield with formidable skill. A blow from one of these vicious maces is enough to knock many opponents from their feet immediately, and they are adept at using both ends of the two-headed instrument in whirling attacks that deliver multiple blows with a single swing. The blunt nature of the mace makes it an ideal weapon for a front-line troop, as it is relatively easy to manufacture and fairly difficult for a recruit to kill himself with, while maintaining its potency in the hands of a trained expert.

DAG2024 Dragyri Slave Taskmaster - USD $5.99

A Taskmaster position is widely regarded as the pinnacle of achievements that a slave could hope to be granted. The Taskmaster’s job is quite simple, but there are very few of them in each clan, every one responsible for hundreds upon hundreds of their brethren at a time. Bearing a brutal cat o’ nine tails, the Taskmaster lords over his fellow slaves in a callous and demanding manner, trying always to exact greater effort, harder work, and more dedication from the other slaves. In battle, their job is simply to keep the slave squads fighting. He makes them fear the consequences of retreat more than the possible pain at the hands of their foe. At times, a Taskmaster will even execute a member of one of the slave squads as a reminder to the rest of them, eliciting a brief burst of additional energy from the rest as each one clamors to prove that he is indeed doing all that he can.

DAG3107 Skarrd Charity's Zeal Pack (6 miniatures) - USD $39.99

1 Special Edition Sister Charity, 1 Special Edition Charity's Zeal and 4 Charity's Zeals

The Sisters who “adopt” the warriors to augment them in this "Zeal" fashion will balk at no method of enhancing their speed and agility. But grafting simple mechanical devices into their muscles to augment their movement apparatus is just the beginning. Extraordinary biochemical treatment of their nutrition changes their circulatory system, causing it to run faster than that of any other human being. The result is the typical behavioural edginess of the Zeal, along with enormous speed and astonishing agility.

The drawback is their voracious appetite; as a side effect of their treatment, the Zeal Buzz-blades are able to consume only that food which has been treated with the Sister's biochemical concoction, making them totally dependent and fixated on their mistress.

DAG4013 Brood Hound blister (2 miniatures) - USD $11.99

The Brood Hound was initially spawned to patrol the outer regions of the Blackmire. Crafted largely from canine stock, the Brood Hound has roughly the same shape as a dog or wolf, but is twice the mass. It also contains some primate DNA, blended in to add strength, balance, and intelligence. Lastly, the Brood Mere used avian genes to alter the Brood Hound’s eyesight, enabling it to see great distances, piercing the murk of the swamp and the shadows of twilight. Its visage is strange, but the Brood Hound is an extremely effective border guard.

As soon as the development of the new species was complete, the Brood Mere dispatched them in all directions to the far reaches of the Blackmire. They are quick and wily scouts, bred with an innate knowledge of pack combat.

As the Hounds reported back periodically to the Brood Mere, she noticed how effective they were in actual combat. It took little time for them to be included in many combat groups, using their stealth and agility to great effect.

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