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    Default about time i get an update :)

    dear lord it has been a while. i have been stuck working on my house, masters and what not. this afternoon i got some of the finishing touches on my sniper drone team. i need to do the other two drones but this one and the leader scouting are 90% done. please please please i need some feedback to let me know what you all think of it. i am really happy with these but feel that i am missing somehting. anyway here they be.


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    Nice conversion of the Spotter, the stock one looks like he\'s playing Virtual Boy.

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    Well your paintjob is top notch but I think your \"something missing\" might have something to do with the controller being on a great big lovely rock and the drones just skimming over plain old gravel. Tart their bases up and they\'ll look much better :cool:

    Edit: you could also try swapping the plastic stem from the flying base for brass rod, I hate that bubbletastic plastic :drool:

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    Originally posted by Undave
    Well your paintjob is top notch but I think your \"something missing\" might have something to do with the controller being on a great big lovely rock and the drones just skimming over plain old gravel. Tart their bases up and they\'ll look much better :cool:

    Edit: you could also try swapping the plastic stem from the flying base for brass rod, I hate that bubbletastic plastic :drool:
    undave: i see what you are saying. i may add some more rock to it. i was originally thinking of leaving it open though with just some snow on it because i wanted it to give the impression that the spotter was on top of a small hill and the drones were on the bottom. as for the plastic, i guess i am one of those guys who actually likes it. but thanks for the comments. :)

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    There looking really superb :D
    how did you get on with assembling the krootox, as I have one and there\'s no way it will fit together ???

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    Originally posted by krom1415
    There looking really superb :D
    how did you get on with assembling the krootox, as I have one and there\'s no way it will fit together ???
    HEHEHE.... i am laughing to myself because of your question. the answer to all is ....bill.....

    my friend bill assembles all my mini\'s that i dont convert since i detest assembling and he hates painting it works out well. i taught him how to dip and i based all his mini\'s and he assembles the big things. i then paint his stuff and we keep going back and forth. according to bill though he \"trimmed\" the butt of the kroot rider on the inner thigh and then added green stuff as he went. i helped finish off the seams by using some testors contour putty. it works great for small thin gaps. other than that just brute force. thanks for the comments and i hope this helps.


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    Originally posted by uberdark
    the answer to all is ....bill.....
    :cool: Yeah :cool:

    Your tau blokes are looking great! The base is amazing, the snow looks so real. I like the dynamic poses you have used too; adds a lot of energy to a small diorama without much movement. This should be a very effective piece once completed :)

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    I am presently working on a Tau army myself (very slowly - you are pure lightning compared to me) and I really like what you have been doing. Your choice of colours is great and the paintwork is real good. Still, the highlights are a bit too bright for my taste and I would probably use a thin wash on top to merge them with the base colours.
    I love you idea with the sniper outside his phone booth and will probably steal it. However, I think you should add rocks to the drone bases - is snow really enough?
    I agreee with your opinion of the vespids, but in stead of leaving them out I chose to replace their heads with Kroot heads whose feathers I had shaved off. I might post them in WIP some time in the future.

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    Well they are all done. I have gotten slowed down for quite a while but started working faster and faster. the base is made from cork board with plaster of paris mixed in. Of course it was also converted from part of a tau tank commander and so forth. The colors i used were

    base colors: dark flesh and catachan green

    secondary colors: tanned flesh and snot green

    tertiary colors: bleached bone to skull white.

    snow: 2 parts baking soda: 1 part glue: 1 part water: 1 part plaster of paris.

    let sit in baking soda over night.

    This was the first real base i have ever done and am quite happy with it. I will be putting this same entry on discuss submissions as well with a link. hope you guys like and such.

    This one has been a beast to do for some reason. I think after i finish my tau battlesuit i am going to take a break and paint my ice witch from crocodile games. These tau are starting to get to me.

    no must resist ..... i must continue for the GREATER GOOD!!!

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    woot woot!!! ya\'ll i made over 1,000 reads!!!!

    i am on my way..... to what i dont know. probably leather and miss pony beating me within an inch of my life. *shrugs* well i guess i better get back to the bar. the gimp position needs to be filled.

    for those of you who dont know thats one below mop boy. :(:(:(:(:no:

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    Default tau stealthsuit

    here are some pics of my stealthsuit beginnings. i am getting into it again. please comments and feedback are needed. :)

    and it looks like i finally got my first 8.0 rating. teehee.


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    I like the way your work is coming along. The pose is really dynamic (how did you do the right leg?) and the battle damage on the left foot works well. I like the way you have painted the left thigh armour but I guess I still diagree with your very bright high lights. Still, I understand that it makes the suit fit in with the rest of the army.
    Are the green areas (joints and so on) finished or will you add a bit more depth to them? It seems they could take another coat of paint (maybe a slightly brighter highlight - am I contradicting myself?). I think it\'s worth working on them when they are as exposed as e.g. the right thigh. Otherwise gret - I will continue to follow your progress ;).

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    thanks quareni :)

    yep the scoring is a major topic coming from people of late. it seems it is somthing you either love or hate. but thanks the same. the green is not done in this picture. i work from one color to the next. so the green is done now but i havent put up a pic yet. i have been on spring break for a few days with my family. the legs, and one arm are cut and then reattached back on so that they look bent. its a fairly simple conversin and took me about 30 minutes all together. the battlesuits are wonderful for conversion work and are also wonderfully easy to do. that is what i like about the tau the most. hope this answers your question. thanks for watching and have a good one.

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    Default second battlesuit

    a few multiple views of this second suit. the shading seems to be going faster and i feel it is beginning to look much better. advice would be wonderful. the backside on the ground will also have a dead foe most likely a chaos undivided champion i converted. it is meant to look as if he is flying away right after killing the foe. of course i havent put him on yet. anyhoo. cheers all and please any kind of criticism or compliments would be appreciate.

    cheers uber


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    just wanted to let you all know i had to take a break from painting for a bit. i am finishing up my masters in education and just finished my final research paper. so hoepfully with summer coming on, i can finally get this army done. i should have some new pics up sometime this week. and i will also take a pic of the army that is completed thus far. so far i have 22 tau fire warriors, 20 something kroot, sniper team, xv25\'s, pathfinders, and 2 of the 3 battlesuits done.

    thanks for watching and looking all.


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    It\'s looking good. Again you have achieved a very dynamic pose, but I would like to see it from the side. Seen from above it looks like it\'s about to do a summersault, so maybe it should have been angled a bit more forward - I think it could be done without ruining the impression of him taking off.

    You have some nice blends on the suit, especially the green hipjoints, but I have some trouble discerning between worn areas and highlights on the reds. On his right arm I assume the lighter areas are worn since they are facing downwards, but it could look like highlights. Is it possible for you to take a photo where the difference is clear?

    And I\'m looking SO much forward to seeing your entire army, \'cause your work so far is really great.

    By the way, I hope you did well on the masters :beer:

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    Default a long awaited update

    finally an update. well i have finally finished my tau battlesuit group and should have a pic online with them pretty soon. these are the pics of my xv-88 group. they are turning out pretty well. i am photographing with a bad camera at school with an incredibly low pixel rate so bear in mind the photo quality. should have this one done in a week and am starting on the next xv-88 for this group as well. please let me know what you all think of the metal i feel pretty happy with it but am still a bit unsure.

    all commments appreciated.

    edit: please, please, please, judge me! hehehe. no seriously i am wondering if i am coming to a hump in painting or if i am getting better. please help. :(

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    Default shameless plug mk3

    Please some kind of feedback on this guy. i really am wondering if i am getting better or stuck in a painting rut. i need some constructive criticism. thanks all.

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    From what I can see in the photo the piece looks great.

    Unfortunately it also looks like you had to adjust the white balance a great deal and it flushed out some of the colour.

    Based on the photo it\'s hard to get a good overall impression of the work. I see spots, like the back of the guns, that show wonderful highlighting and shading. There are other spots, like the \"hands\" and chest, that don\'t seem up to the same caliber.

    Looking at the thread as a whole I see a lot of improvement from the first pieces to the current.

    I also see you experimenting with new techniques, such as the speed streaking on the drone, that are working well -- and no doubt improving you ability and willingness to take chances.

    So, have you hit a plateau? I certainly don\'t think so.

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    To me it looks like your way of achieving highlights (blending or layering can\'t tell wich) has become a lot smoother from the first minis in the thread. Can\'t say that I agree with the level of highlight, but that\'s a completely different matter, and uninteresting when it comes to judging your painting. You also have a better way of going from one color to another (fx. green - purple) the better shading/darker color makes the transition softer but keeps the contrast - wich imo makes it much more efficient.
    To me there is no doubt that you show a lot of progress.

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