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    ok so as promised i have a picture of my main forces for my tau army. i did not have enough room to show the fire warriors or the kroot. but since i feel these here are my best these should suffice for the look of the army.

    i hope you enjoy the pics. i am working on getting the other shots up of my tau battlesuit team. thanks and please critique is needed and welcomed.




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    here are the pictures as promised. this army is really starting to come along. i cant wait till summer and then i can do the battleships and skimmers. then i am done! yep all together i have 3 skimmers, 2 tau tanks and 1 leader battlesuit left. then i is\'t done!! woot woot!!

    later on guys.

    vote thingy here and on discuss submissions. :)



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    Wow :o there fantastic, please post the kroot when you get chance :D They will look superb on the table top, jolly well done

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    Great to see such a bunch of well painted minis in one place. Your choice of colours really makes the force coherent, and the work you have done on the individual minis makes the army really impressive - both from a distance and close up.
    I think your painting has progressed a lot from the first parts of the thread and \'till now, which is especially evident in the battle damage and the shading and blending. This is most obvious on the Broadside and the Battlesuit group which are very good looking. However, I\'m not sure quite which effect you are aiming for with the metal bits in the middle of the Broadside\'s guns - there\'s a really nice transition from metal to brass, but I am not sure whether this should represent wear or reflection of light.

    Overall though: Great army - I would love to see it on a tabletop some day.

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    It\'s very cool seeing your army as a whole! It looks very impressive and coherent! Your gritty painting style makes them look very much like hard, fighting soldiers instead of some fopish, cartoony characters. :)

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    Default another update.

    i know quareni has been wanting to see the leader for a while. i think the feral look will look more coherent once paint has been added. i am thinking of switching the color palette to reflect the influence of the kroot. so instead i would instead flip the reds and greens. any ideas on this? i would really like some advice on that idea. i feel it would separate him from the rest of the unit, but i dont want it to be too much.

    well without further ado, here you go.

    p.s. i am also working on an ice witch from crocodile games. and my vehicles. can you guys believe it, uber NOT working on tau. end times i tell yea!!!!!!


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    Default ok so i really need some advice b4 i paint

    so i asked this earlier and didnt get any opinions. so i will ask again.

    should i switch the greens with the reds on the boss for my tau army or keep it the same with more dominant reds and less greens?

    please give me an idea or two or three and also let me know what you guys think of this pose.

    rock on

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    If you have anything to test with, like a fire warrior, I\'d test it first and see if the switching of the colors looks more \"commanding\" than the other firewarriors, or if having more reds does the trick.

    Definitely something I wouldn\'t do just because people \"think\" it would look better. If you could do a relatively quick paint of both ideas you have on two firewarriors and show them, I\'d be able to tell you for sure. :)

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    Here is an idea (and its just a random thought): How about an analagous color scheme (All variations of the same color) with only one or two uses of the secondary color (Perhaps as a thin line of trim). It would make him stand out with clashing against the scheme of the rest of the army.
    A third color: An Extreme dark or light based on the original color scheme, trimmed in the army colors.

    -again, just spitballing here, it looks great so keep up the great work!

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    Originally posted by never knows best
    If you have anything to test with, like a fire warrior, I\'d test it first and see if the switching of the colors looks more \"commanding\" than the other firewarriors, or if having more reds does the trick.

    Definitely something I wouldn\'t do just because people \"think\" it would look better. If you could do a relatively quick paint of both ideas you have on two firewarriors and show them, I\'d be able to tell you for sure. :)
    Sounds like a good idea, or you could just paint him something totally different, like blue and yellow:Dlol:D

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    Don\'t think it will work if you just swap the colors - see that was easy, next thread - need to do them all :D

    I think it\'s going to look to different if you just swap colors. I think you should keep the red and then find a different color instead of the green. Could be a really dark blue, but that would make him stand out much - maybe a warm, middle tone orange with some serious shading a long the edges and some bright highlights?

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    Sorry I haven\'t answered before now.

    Your commander looks really good and feral with the addition of Kroot wargear. I especially like the kneepads. An idea I got was to sculpt som GS feathers onto the armour in notable positions to add Krootishnes?

    Concerning the stance I would suggest two things: On the left foot I think you should tilt the small toes so it looks like the foot is gripping the rock-thing - you did something similar on earlier suits, so I think you should repeat the success here. Another thing is the angle of the body which I think you could make a tad more aggressive by tilting it a few degrees more forward. Otherwise great.

    But the colour scheme... that makes me struggle. To keep coherence in the force I think you should stick to what you\'ve done with the other minis and then add a wholly different colour on shoulders or helmet to denote commanding officer - I know this is the way GW does it which sort of eliminates the originality of the idea, but it works for me. Otherwise I like the idea of choosing a darker shade of the whole armour and then adding trims in standard colours. Also, free hand Tau symbols make a mini stand out and could do the trick.

    I hope I\'m not too late with my two pennies\' worth and look forward to seeing your further work.

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    thanks guys.

    well i have started painting already and am early enough into it to change things.

    quareni: i would like to change the foot but it is already glued on. the idea of language is great and i plan on incorporating kroot language into the design at some different point.

    manus: i really think i will do the orange bit. however i intend to give it that rust color on the bits.

    this leads to my next question:

    what are good colors to use for rust? other than dark flesh as a base coat?

    so please if anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it.

    rock on and thanks all.


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    add a little vomit brown into the dark flesh to lighten it a bit works well..just experiment till it looks right..You can also try oranges and yellows to lighten the dark flesh...

    also mixing in chestnut and brown ink especially to paint rust streaks etc is cool and great fun...

    p.s probably sticking with the same colours and changing the colours of the helmet and markings would probably work bestfor the commnder Maybe alter the ratio of the colours slightly could help define him.. He does also have the uber weapons and wargear that will all add to him being different but at the end of the daythey are wearing those colours generally for camoflague so why would the boss be diferent ...(guess it\'s the same reason all marine characters have back banners...gives the enemy something to shoot at.)

    Tamiya clear orange with a little tamiya smoke added to darken it thinned with water and a little washing up liquid added also does a good job of staining a light rust covering.......

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    a new tau pirahna i have been working on.

    enjoy. should have it done sometime today or tommorrow.

    and i am planning on showing the streaks on it like i did my tau sniper drones. :)

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    Looking good so far! Those streaks should look really nice on such a fast moving vehicle. I look foreward to an update, as usual. :)


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    Yeah, it looks really good and promising. I like what you\'ve done to the left engine cowling, and I am sure the streaks will give a great dynamic effect on the skimmer. I guess this means that I have become accustomed to the streaks - never trust first impressions, right?

    Maybe I should revisit my own Piranha and add some life to it...

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    Default commander

    Hi, I like all your stuff, it looks cool. As far as painting your commander, since he has all that kroot stuff on him, and he\'s more \"feral\", maybe make him look more scratched up, in comparison to the other crisis-suits. So, if the paint has been scratched away somewhat from your other crisis suits, it would be even more so from the commander...because he\'s been in even more battles. And, I think your storyline for these have them being stranded on a planet for a while, so that would fit into the storyline. Then, maybe on his legs, even more mud or dirt than the others? Just a suggestion.


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    looking good, streaks will look cool, reference snow speeder pis from starwars 5, the empire strikes back

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    thanks hubba!!!

    that snow speeder is a great reference point.

    rock on.

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