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Thread: sculpting!

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    Default sculpting!

    could anyone show me there best sculpt they ever done!

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    Mwaha, you asked for it;

    And, now I\'m doing another abomination, The Stone Troll. What are you looking for, really? Inspiration? In case I can do nothing that hope you get inspired :D

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    Errr... ???

    OK... Back away slowly... That\'s great work there Belegweearda <Frantically searches for escape route> Love it :P <Scarpers>


    I have yer to do a full sculpt, but I have several ideas up my sleeve of wonder.

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    Default wow!

    that dud looks like it realy has aids!

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    That was perhaps the worst sculpt i have ever seen

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    either i dont appreciate this joke, or i dont get it. either way it displays a lack of compassion.

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    Default wow!

    u got some good looking minis there i tell u wut!

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    Mmmmm I\'ve got to say that the above green is really bad taste. I\'m shocked that the mods allowed it. I can show what i would consider to be my best sculpt to date...still learning but here it is.

    My mini

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    Default yup yup

    it looks much better then my sculps!ive jus started so u know!

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    :mad: i\'m gently asking to mods to remove this insult.

    Recently a friend of mine passed away for aids, and it\'s a plague for all the world, not a thing to make jokes!

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    Id be the first to admit that it is in very poor taste, but then some could argue so are gratuitous nude models etc. Art can be expressed in many ways, even if you dont agree with them.

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    I had a friend who was shot and killed. Better get the mods to remove all the minis with guns.
    Accordingly, this guy has a chainsaw.

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    some good stuff here guys, keep them coming! heres mine:

    need to pull my finger out and finish him!!

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    Temporary Sanity


    This is my biggest undertaking. Mind, I\'ve made some minor adjustments, to the muscle tone of the middle arms and the shoulders, and she\'s primed black with a coat of green on her scales, but these are the only available pics I have of her.

    Zasra - Maralith conversion

    *** EDIT *** Found some uploaded pics (big) after they were primed black. Hard to make out some of the details, but... meh.

    Zasra 1

    Zasra 2

    Zasra 3

    Zasra 4

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    I\'ve only done two real they are.

    Bigfoot and Chupacabra.

    I too think the Aidsosaur is the epitome of bad taste....I\'ve removed it and will discuss it with the other mods.

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    heh...yeah...I guess I do....I based the sculpt on the famous Bigfoot pic from the 60\'s.

    I may have gotten carried away with the breastuses...

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    Default wwwwwwwwwwoooooowwwww!

    u guys have great looking models there!how long u guys been sculpting!

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    Don\'t know if they are my best, but they are my latest...

    Lt. Jones and Sarge


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