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    Default Looking for a Shaman

    Does any body know where i can get a mini like this:

    Iv tried Reaper fig finder but cannot find anything, any help would be great.

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    And only £2.30! Cheeky!
    Suppose i could use that with a bit of conversion, any others?

    Iv also browsed all the shamans on the gallery here, and i can\'t find any.

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    Try searching around for Grand Viziers or similar as that\'s what this strikes me more as.

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    Found this, a Reaper fig:

    Does any body have one though as its discontinued?

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    Why would you want to create him? He\'s the most wooden actor I\'ve ever seen, he\'s only in the show because he\'s Noel\'s brother. Make Howard Moon instead. Check Howard Moon\'s cmon gallery too :)

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    Naboo is great, i was going to do the entire lot, including the special characters like the Hitcher and so on.
    Just i was going to start with Naboo and Bollo

    I think he\'s great with his funny little cockney lisp!

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    Cheers Earkham, never thought of eBay! Doh!

    Ordered two of them :D

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