Thunderbolt Mountain Releases Goblin Comnmad
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Thread: Thunderbolt Mountain Releases Goblin Comnmad

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    Default Thunderbolt Mountain Releases Goblin Comnmad

    They are here !

    Design notes on goblin command:

    These are the super heavy goblins 300lbs + (except for the poor fellow carrying the drum). I have two basic sorts of goblins depict "Northern" and "'Southern" types the former disdain armor when they can, such as in this command group which doesn't have to stand in the front line and tend to get very fat when they get big. The southern type like armor when they can get it and don't get so fat.

    One of the things I have tried to do is show how goblins change as they get grow, particularly the head, which I have kept with a basic bone structure and merely fleshed out with rolls of fat and muscle as the goblin gets bigger, the little ones look like frogs with teeth and the big ones loose their neck entirely.

    The standard is a simple affair with a fresh head to mark each victory and some of the more notable scalps taken displayed. The drum is covered with a dwarf hide which everyone knows gives the best tone and is nearly as durable as troll.

    The Command Pack sells for $11.00. You can see all the details here

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    Any chance of a bigger pic?

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    More info here:

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