My 750pt Black templars army list, any good?
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Thread: My 750pt Black templars army list, any good?

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    Default My 750pt Black templars army list, any good?


    Emperor\'s champion with Uphold the honour of the emperor

    Initiate HQ Squad with Seargeant, all armed with CCW and BP, seargeant has Terminator honours and a combi-plasma.
    64+41 points

    10 Initiates, armed with CCW and BP, one armed with Plasma Cannon, another with a Melta

    10 Initiates armed with CCW and BP, one armed with Heavy Bolter, another with a flamer.

    10 Initiates armed with CCW and BP, one armed with LasCannon, another with a flamer.

    TOTAL: 747 Points

    Anyone think my uber-close combat army will do well at conflict?

    The models representing thenm are as follows:

    Emperor\'s champion = Emperor\'s champion model

    Initiate squad = Initiates, Seargheant will be the Dark Angel\'s company master from Ltd Ed. battleforce

    Initiates will be robed with bopth Dark Angels and Black templar robes, and painted as BTs

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    I\'ve never used Black Templars, so I\'m not exactly an expert, but I\'m a bit of geek when it comes to knowing my opponent\'s force, so I have looked into the Codex.

    It really isn\'t good if I\'m being honest. The main reason I say this is that it is illegal in two areas, which is never terribly useful at a tournament!

    1 - The Emperor\'s Champion doesn\'t use up an HQ slot, so you have to take a Commander or Chaplain as well (unless the Conflict rules have an exception for this).
    2 - Until you pick a Commander or Chaplain you can\'t take an Initiate Command Squad. They are an accompaniment, not an individual HQ entry.

    I also think this is a far from uber cc army. Even sorting out the HQ issue, you are probably going to get slaughtered at Conflict. There will be nasty armies there, and this one is very soft.

    Your Command Squad wastes options. You can give two men plasmas for 10 points each, instead of giving the unspectacular (only one plasma shot) combi-weapon to the Sergeant. It\'s also possibly overkill at this points level to take a Command Squad at all. The points can be put to better use elsewhere perhaps.

    Your Initiate squads are, I feel, too big and will be unwieldy. 6 or possibly 8 man squads would be better. Also, there is no point in the heavy weapons. If the squad moves they won\'t be able to fire, and I\'m thinking you won\'t want to hang about! Your squads should be specialist, not trying to be jacks of all trades, so if you want to use the additional weapon options stick in a power sword or power fist instead.

    Razorbacks may be worth considering if you want some shooty stuff and they will get you to the enemy faster. You could even consider Drop Pods.

    I also think that bolters, not bolt pistols and cc weapons may be the way to go if you are going to be advancing on foot.

    Finally, the lack of variation is probably going to make this a rather boring force for you to game with. You don\'t exactly have much versatility here. Try and mix it up a bit more and look into some fast attack, elite or heavy options.

    Sorry if that sounds fairly negative, but even though Conflict isn\'t at Grand Tournament level nastyness you need to build a more efficient force than this one.

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    Thanks for that, you made several good points, what would you suggest then? this is what I have at my disposal (keep in mind I LOVE close combat)

    Marshall (Jump pack and twin lightning claws)
    10 Terminators
    5 Devestators
    35 Marines
    5 scouts
    Landspeeder with heavy bolter no assault cannon
    Company Master (W/ combi-plasma)

    I though up of this:

    Castellan with two lightning claws and a jump pack

    Emperor\'s champ

    3 squads of ten intiiates with CCW and BP, each squad has one initiate with Flamer and another with power fist.

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    Perhaps you could go with the command squad, but give them the skill to infiltrate. Snap the assault pack off the Castellan so he can accompany them and give him the infiltrate skill too. That might actually be an effective way for you to increase the scariness of your army.

    Could you take the Initiate squads down to 2 and stick in an infiltrating Sword Bretheren squad too? It might work.

    This would enable you to target the enemy squads that can potentially shoot the body of your army up. The infiltrators could then tie them up as the rest get in for a secondary attack punch.

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