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Thread: what is a painting trademark

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    Originally posted by uberdark
    Originally posted by Wolf Fang
    i dont think ive developed a \"trademark\" yet... but if i did its prolly using weird colour combinations lol
    wolf fang\" one word: tints...

    it is your style. you use lots of colors with high concentrations of white. it works well. very nice. keep it up.:D
    Also, prolific use of green :) Almost every WF mini has a goodly chunk of green. I\'m going to guess it\'s one of your favorite colours :)

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    someone wanna give me the bad news on my painting!

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    There are no bad news to be given. Your paintjobs are smooth, neat and clean, with no strong highlight or shades.

    Seriously, I\'d be happy if I painted like you.

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    darklord, that giant was excellent, so was legolas and the base, your neat, have good layering/blending, top job Sir:D

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    @Dammekkos2: You tend to use reds and blacks a lot on your minis. And almost all of your faces are dark-skinned, which is rather unique. You have a clean painting style and there\'s something about each mini that attratcs the eye.

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    I will try
    Jim Jackson Sivousplay

    Instantly recognized for me
    Wonderful skin leather wood detail. Loves women with odd feet, (giggle) uses washes to a art form.
    Draws style from his watercolor painting experience, white base with color applied over the top, highlights from with in not placed on top.
    Fantastic and patient teacher. I would not have be able to pull off much decent painting with out Jim\'s time which he so freely shared.

    Shawn RL paints a picture not just a mini, great at color selection wonderful at giving good clean instruction that helps, I find that hard like describing a spiral staircase to some one but he pulls it off so well. I learned the osl to higher standard degree from Shawn\'s kind help and time.

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    Shawn RL paints a story not just a picture :D

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    Nice idea for a thread. :)

    GreenOne: Mostly more muted colours/realistic style, except for your blues which are very vibrant, makes a few of the minis/units stand out better with a few bright details. (Ok so I\'m terrible at describing things, that\'s what came into my head though ;)).

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    Arkzein: Vibrant and smoothly painted minis, with bright colours - especially greens, pinks and dark purples, with warm gold NMM. Your minis look like they have stepped out of a graphic novel, really cool :)

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    reverend....his painting style is \'occasional\' with the rare glimpse of \'completion\'.


    Styles I immediately recognise are spaceape\'s, Tid\'s. I like them. I\'m not going to wax lyrical at all though, as I\'m too tired :(

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    TAB\'s style is steady improvement. I remember the dragon that you redid several times as one of my first discoveries of your minis. Since then you have skyrocketed past my level. As a trademark, your minis tend to fit the black background that you use so well. The dwarven cannon crew and the fire girl are so different, yet both so yours.

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    Alberto Moreto Font: he seems to paint very dark and a bit creepy colour\'s I get the feeling that he uses alot of black when he paints :)

    // Larre

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    reverend - some glimpses of genius, paints even less than me and has infuriatingly small photos

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