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    I need some advice on adding weapons to sculpts...

    Whenever I have sculpted the arms / hands to a mini I have problems when it comes to starting work on building a weapon - I don\'t know where to start! How do you securely fix the weapon?!

    Recently, when doing conversions I\'ve been scratch building weapons (eg plasticard chainsword) directly onto the mini (i.e. rather than making seperately and gluing it later). Start by drilling into the hand (with a pin vice) and gluing wire in as a base to the sword, then building it up with plasticard or putty.

    I have problems with this method when it comes to sculpts... I can\'t possibly drill through the wire armature in the centre of the hand!

    If I think ahead I can incorporate the sword into the armature by leaving an excess wire from the arm to bend and make into a sword.

    I have a mini which I\'m working on and have done the above. However, I\'ve just come back to it and realised I\'ve previously snipped the wire! How can I build / secure the sword I want to make?!

    I\'ll add a photo when I get the chance but any suggestions or ideas of how you guys work would be much appreciated :bouncy:

    Btw went to the races for the first time today and won £2.75! :beer:

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    Hassleffree make some really nice weapons which you can add to, check out the store here @CMoN! :cool:

    Or Plasticard is really nice to make weapons out of.... quiet tricky though, nice thin sheets and place them together and file and green stuff them down to make them look relistic hope this helps!!! :D:D

    (Plasticard is real nice for making orky wepz!!!! :))

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    You could bend the wire for the \'hand\' into a flat loops to form the body of the hand, then have a new sword wire perpendicular to it.

    Alternatively, you could try bending the wire you have in the right general direction for the weapon\'s shaft, then add a new piece of wire. You could even use the bit that\'s there as the pommel and add the new wire for whatever sticks out over the top of the hand.

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    thanks for the advice :flip: am currently working on a bunch of nurgle plague marines (well... i started them about a year and a half ago now and theyre gathering dust so im feeling guilty!).

    i can make the weapons just about ok its just attaching them to the hand thats the problem!

    i tend to make them directly onto the mini so i have something to hold onto (not so fiddly that way!).

    the one im having probs with at the moment i have sculpted both the arm and the hand and want to add a sword.

    the problem is i only have a little bit of wire sticking up and out of his fist (only enough to make a miniscule sword!) and its not enough to even securely glue my plasticard to! :flame:

    will add a pic tomorrow when im home as im crap at explaining! cheers :bouncy:

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