Ok well Jericho and electrolito have their Dark Angel logs I figured I might as well throw my hat in to ring as well. After playing more Dawn of War than one ever should (and still suck at it) I decided to start up a Blood Raven space marine army. Love the fluff behind them, and I really enjoy my painting reds so I figured it was the best possible army to do. Ok. So along with making a Blood Raven army I also decided that I would do it entirely out of plastic (other than guitar wire and what not in conversions). So I haven\'t quite finished the army list yet, so I havent built all my squads so here\'s some of the things I will be including \"for sure\".

Veterans (these 5 for sure, possibly another 5 that could also be used as a smaller tactical squad instead...) Still some conversion work to be done, as well as cleaning up the models.

Venerable Dreadnought (conversion still not done)

I will also be posting progress on my Librarian as I get more done later today (hoping to finish him off soon)...