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Thread: Post your Pet - yet again

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    Default Post your Pet - yet again

    Been a while since we had one of these, so I thought I would post a pic of Da Boys -

    The Ginger one is Sherlock, and the Black is Mycroft.

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    Blue, pedigree Border Collie (photobucket has chopped half the pic off though ??? )

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    Jasper - A Springador

    Jasper. Macavity, and BB

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    Well donr this before but here we go

    Whilst not really a pet this guy hangs around looking for a feed so as I dont have a pet this would be as close as I would get to one at the moment.

    In case you dont know this is a Sand Goanna. They grow to about 5-6 feet long.

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    That is SWEET! I wish I had a \'pet\' like that! ;)

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    A cat named fido... I thought it was just a legend!

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    Yep. Fido is the one contemplating a sneak attack on his sister (the innocent loking one).

    Course one of my first cats was \"Rover.\"

    Rover was a great cat too. Unfortunately, he passed away in the middle of a move from Wyoming to Nevada. We buried him under the \"Welcome to Nevada\" Sign at the state border. If you ever drive from Utah to Las Vegas, be sure to say \'hi\' to Rover on your way into the state.

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    Hey brimshack, are your cats going somewhere, or is the suitcase habitual? they look pretty comfy in there.
    This is Luna. she was abandoned in an underground parking lot. She came to us about the size of your average rat, with no tail, cross eyed and with bad breath.
    Well the breath got better, she\'s not bozeyed any more, her tail never grew back (obviously,) but she\'s still not much biiger than your average rabbit.

    These photo\'s just about sum up her existance, (we\'re missing a photo of her eating). Life\'s pretty cool when it\'s not bath time, and as it\'s only bath time once every year or so......
    It\'s definately true about cat\'s and water.

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    These 2 are Rigo and Diego our 2 Bengals

    They are only 8 months old at the moment.

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    YIKES - I see what they mean about Bengals looking like tigers...!! :o

    Do they also act like them...? I hear they are UBER aggressive... Still cute tho.

    R.I.P. Patch - Terrier mongrel - 1/1/2000 :(

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    god, they do look like tigers!

    here\'s basil, my tri coloured pedigree cocker spaniel. (he actually lives with my parents but he only respects my authorataaaaah)

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    That is one soppy looking dog


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    Yes they can be quite aggressive, but in the next breath really cuddly.

    This is their dad.

    They come from the Asian Leopard Cat.

    They are very vocal making nosies ranging from meow to chirping noises, ours also \'bark\'. they are very strange when they do this, as they sound like small dogs, which confuses the hell out of people.

    And they are very acrobatic, when playing thay tend to sumersault a lot, also when they have been playing there is normally a lot of fur around as they tend to rip it out of each other, but strangley enough they don\'t seem to care:o

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    Thats one big daddy! They are massive!

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    Originally posted by Fizl
    That is one soppy looking dog

    he\'s not. ok, he is a bit but the photo makes him look *really* soft

    @atacam - beast!

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    Originally posted by hubbabubba
    Hey brimshack, are your cats going somewhere, or is the suitcase habitual? they look pretty comfy in there.
    Actually, I think they were telling me the true nature of my suitcase. It isn\'t to leave them it\'s to provide a bed. If I start packing, they come and sit in it every time.

    That is one cute little one you got there, even with a small tail.

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    This is my new dog. I haven\'t actually got her yet, as she is only 8 weeks and stays with her mom and the breeder. And she have not got a name yet, but i am thinking \"Isil\" which means \"moon\" in Quenya. Here\'s the beauty:

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    Here are some pictures of my cay from when we had just got him, I\'ll upload some picture of what he looks like now later on.

    He is smallest/youngest in the third picture. Isn\'t he a cute moggums kitten??
    His name is GReebo although I call him al kinds of things including: Greeble kitten/kitty, soppy cat/moggy/moggums, Greeble-pussy-cat/kitten the list goes on.


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    Where is Finn when you need him! He has a dog that I\'m convinced is a squig in disguise!!

    All cuties so far - no-one got an ugly pet? (spouses don\'t count lol)


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