units vs individuals (or, how many of you top 10s play with these? :> )
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Thread: units vs individuals (or, how many of you top 10s play with these? :> )

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    Default units vs individuals (or, how many of you top 10s play with these? :> )

    Something I\'ve been wondering about is the division between the Gamers and the Artiste\'s (if there is one). I see a moderate amount of unit level photographs here, and it gets me wondering about what people look for when voting (see cypher\'s post). I will get the unfortunate part out of the way first, and that is that most people take the photographs of the whole unit, so you dont generally get a good idea of the quality of individual pieces. On the other hand, being as avid a gamer as I am a painter, I have a lot of respect for the patience to do a whole unit, much less an army.

    I\'m just curious if that even enters into peoples heads when voting, or if it would, were they to be presented with a photo of good closeness and quality (or perhaps several individual shots, cut and pasted into a suitable collage format) of less than perfect models. Say a cohesive looking unit of figs that on their own might score 6-7. How many of you might factor in the \'reality\' aspect, of taking the whole unit as a \'piece\' or a \'work of gaming art\'?

    A good unit of 7\'s could easily be an 8 as a whole in my book; an impressive and striking unit of 7\'s could get a 9 from me I think.

    I can paint 10\'s and 9\'s, but dont realistically /want/ to all the time. And no, I\'m not trying to say that to make up for bad paintwork, honest! :) I love to paint, and got into tabletop gaming from the painting side of it, _but_ when it comes down to it, if I have 24 Hoplites to get on the tables, I\'m not going to wait 8 months to use them, to have them all be 9/10s, when I can do them as 6-7s, and still have them look great, and attract comments etc at shops and Cons, and have them ready to go in 3 weeks.

    Let me know how you all think...

    and of course, I have some units I am going to try and get uploaded as soon as I get my camera back from Cannon, so I can test the theory. :)

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    I don\'t think any of the top ten people actually play. Bobby wong doesn\'t he said so on his webpage. I doubt Jen Haley plays wargames. They are just Artistes..


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    You say that w/ a little attitude ... that aside, I am in the top 10, and I do play.

    I don\'t play WHFB or WH40k, but I play D&D a couple times a month and I use all of the figures I paint (except those I do for others).

    When we start a new campaign, I paint up about 25 figures and the DM actually generates stats/classes based on my figures and each player gets to pick 2. The stats/class are revealed and they choose the one they like best. After that, we use a custom designed tarot deck to draw \"features\" for the character ... relationships, starting treasure, etc.

    I try to paint every fig as best I can because they represent the people in our world and the better they are painted, the more personality the figures add to the game and help flesh out the characters.

    Just thought I\'d let you know that some of us do play and even use the artwork to create the world.


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    I play WHFB and 40k quite avidly and am also in the top 10 artists. I do agree with blackfly. I will usually rate units or large projects higher just because of the enormity of the project than I would if it was just an individual miniature. Really, who in their right mind would want to paint 90 guants at a 9 rating?

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    Default painter\'s vs players

    While I see trying to paint 90 hormagaunts at a 9 scale a bit of a challenge. How about 90 Brettonian knights? It\'s not out of the realm of possibilities nor is it that big an army if some are lower point knights. And they tend by nature to need to be all different.

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