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Thread: Spacewolf Venerable dreadnought FINISHED!!

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    A Space Wolf !a Space Wolf ! ooohhhh:o GOODIE. Looks brilliant :beer:.
    I cant wait to see it finished, KEEP GOING .

    I love the alternate look you have done on it , very Imaginative !( I am not keen on the look of the little helmet peeking out over the top ,that the new Venerables have).Excellent modelling !

    GOD bless ............VINCENTI

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    Very clever conversion. I\'ll be keeping my eye on this.

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    If you\'re planning on painting the head as wood, how about doing all the plasticard casing to match. Doing almost all the upper body in an aged wood effect would certainly make him stand out from the crowd and fit in nicely with the Norse influences

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    So think I finally got around most of the details. Some of the really cool suggestions I have had to quit, some of them because I was unable to get it right, but it also started to look overcrowded.
    I didn\'t put much detail on the legs as it won\'t show much anyway and I couldn\'t find anything that would make up for a good codpiece. Hope to get it painted during the weekend - I\'ll post a couple of pics a long the way, if I get the time - also have a couple of marines to paint, bases to do, scouts to convert, beers to drink........:P

    @Undave: That would be cool, I\'ve been thinking a lot of how to do that. Got a couple of idears. If I get the head to look right I might try it out on the armour, or maby just on the trim of the armour - but I think it would break up the colors nicely.

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    this is coming along great Manus! :D

    keep it up, I like seeing progress :D

    // Larre

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    Were do you get those gold decoration pieces from?? They are great :D
    Conversion is looking good, do you already know in what colours you will paint him??

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    Looking great man! Everything is great work especially the plasticard for a first time trying it. The only suggestion I have if you have not thought about it would be to do something with the legs to mke him a bit taller. Other than that. Keep going, I cant believe I missed this thread until now...

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    @ Sleepybear the \"gold pieces are actually copper etched designs from Forgeworld.


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    As you can see I\'ve been working on the claw, going to use the metal from the GW dread and add the last claw myself.
    Hope to show you the last pics before basecoating later on tonight.
    Wanted to do something with the legs, but couldn\'t come up with the right solution so I skipped it again.
    As for colors I\'ll do the same as for my marines, you can see some in the gallery, the head I\'ll try to do in wood(see pic earlier in the thread) the trim of the body armour will be metal or wood, as suggested by Undave, if I can make the head look good. Think I\'ll do one of the legguards in the same yellow as the marines\' shoulderpads. I\'ll get more into the paints used later.
    The decor is as said the etch from forgeworld but it\'s brass not cobber :rolleyes:........ not that it matters at all.

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    it looks cool, I look forward to see this one painted :)

    // Larre

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    Finally finished the bugger. All there is left is to decide wich way to turn him, could I please have your opinion on that, 1. the pose turned right or 2. the one turned left. Think I like the one turned left the most.
    Pretty happy with the way the claw turned out - and as suggested by a very clever man :] I added some battle dammage.


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    I say pose number two, so you can see the other shin better.

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    I agree, pose 2: much more dynamic.

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    Yeah, I say pose 2 too (do I sound like a train when I say that?). It makes the model seem more dynamic.

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    Yep pose 2 looks better because the hanging wolf pelt doesn\'t obscure the forward leg

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    Piping in with another vote for #2 -- just in case you didn\'t have enough :)

    Really awesome work.

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    Allright allright I\'m convinced :rolleyes: pose #2 it is.
    Got the painting started as you can see. The mini is going into my upcomming army so it going to be pretty basic tabletop standard. I also start to feel a bit of time pressure as the army is supposed to be finished (first 500 points) on sunday, and I still need to paint 3 marines and convert and paint 4 scouts. Not going to cut corners though.
    Basecoat is 3 thick drybrushed layers of shadowgrey, 1 drybrush layer of codex grey, light drybrush of fortress grey on \"high\" points, and at last at wash of very thinned down codex grey. This will be highlighted at a later stage .
    I\'m pretty pleased with the paintjob so far myself, think this way of painting gives it a kind of weathered look.

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    Looks good so far. I wouldnt mind seeing some selective dark (black, brown, maybe blue...) washes to get some depth between the pannels. What colour is the wolf pelt gonna be?

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    NICE! The mini is coming along real good and I am very much looking forward to seeing it finished. However, I agree that you should considering adding a few dabs of colour in the recesses (controlled washes or inks maybe?). It would break up the clean surfaces and age the dread a bit which is rather suitable for a VD after all...

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