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    Default Favorite Colours - Problem Colours

    Just curious. What is your favorite colour that you use in painting miniatures? I know I go through periods that I tend to paint a lot of one colour or another. For instance, I used jade green and purple combo for a while. I always stay away from yellow and orange because I normally prime black and those colours are hard to put on black primed minis. Red is rough for me too, as adding white to hightlight it just doesn\'t work, everything turns pink... (then I started using orange to highlight red). So I was wondering what colour you favor and why and do you stay away from certain colors because of problems?


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    I use mostly greens and blues, and browns are the difficult colors for me, especially when painting leather apparel.

    Black I paint fairly regularily, but it always is a chore to get it right.

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    Let me think...
    Favorite color(s): red and greens
    Prob color: white.. it\'s always a pain to get the right shades for it

    Just a suggestion for Borg and all the other painters that dont like the red:
    try using Vallejo Beige or GW Bleached bone for the final highlight (and orange for the intermediate highlights).


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    Borg, my favorite colors right now are: Chestnut Brown (Reaper), Yellow Ochre (W&N), Burnt Umber (W&N), Mahogany (Vallejo), Dragon Red (Reaper), Desert Gold(Reaper), Antique Gold (W&N), all the vallejo fleshes (I just got the flesh pack!!)

    Least Favorite: Purple (any, it never looks good and I don\'t know how to shade it or highlight it well), Burnished Gold (Citadel)(it doesn\'t go on right at all, the color is good though).

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    I love browns and greys. Brown Rose, Light Brown, London Grey, and Silver Grey are some of my favorite colors (all from Vallejo).

    I don\'t do many bright colors ... they always seem unnatural to me.


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    I liek a lot of color. Maybe my favs are greens (since I like Rangers so much) but I like to mix red and green, orange and blue etc.
    I find that I have problems with yellow and white mainly.
    Grey is also a great utility color as it will go with almost anything :)

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    I think I\'m getting out of a blue phase right now and going into a yellow ochre phase. My next phase is going to be purple-red, I think. lol I\'ve been mixing a lot of colors so I haven\'t been dominated by any single color, but I\'ve done a lot of shades of purple recently. (Well, the ghouls, shrieker, and both dragons have purple. For the recent ghouls I added some grey to make it less cartoonish and for the ice dragon I added white to give a colder/subdued look.)

    I think most of my miniatures have Vallejo\'s Mahogany Brown and more recently Burnt Umber.

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    I seem to be stuck in a purple rut as well!

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    Purple sux I avoid it like the plague..

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    fav colors to do are reds and browns.
    hardest color to do is purple. I can\'t make it look right for some reason.

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    For all the people that hate purple... you\'re right, often purple comes out a bit dull expecially with the ultra-opaque Vallejo colors.
    Try to wash it with red ink or (better) with a red color for airbrushes and you will see a huge difference.
    I usually use it diluited wihth 50% of water and then highlight it with a mix of the original red and orange with a final highlight of Vallejo Beige instead of white.


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    Hehehe ..... I love purple :D
    I also use purple for shading red. Looks pretty neat.

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    Default Favorite/Problem colors

    Yet another good topic choice... and something I can rant about (like pretty much anything though).

    As for favorite colors, I really like GW\'s Regal Blue, Emerald Green (of the old line), Codex Grey, Shadow Grey, Ruby Red (again, of the old line), and Boltgun Metal. Chaos Black is ok, too.

    The only problem color I have is yellow. I don\'t use it often enough to really practice with the color, so its kind of been forgotten (Really all I ever paint with yellow is either an accent or some blonde hair).

    Oh, and for those of you having problems with leather effects in brown, I recommend this color combo... (all colors are Citadel)
    1.) Paint the area in an even coat of black
    2.) cover the area, entirely, with Scorched Brown.
    3.) Paint the area with either Vermin Brown or Bestial Brown, leaving the Scorched Brown visible in the crevaces and deeply shaded areas.
    4.) Mix either Bubonic Brown, Snakebite Leather, Leprous Brown or Bleached Bone into your chosen color from step 3. Use this to highlight as desired, by adding more of the color to your step 3 color... go as far with this as you think is appropriate.

    I\'ve found that the Scorched Brown/Bestial Brown/Leprous Brown/Bleached Bone works best for a \'medium\' looking leather for ammo belts, pounches, boots, or whatever. Try varying the highlight colors some to get differecnt effects.

    Happy Painting

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    i like dark blue,dark red,purple and,now that i am good enough to use it without big problems,yellow.

    first i put a light brown (like bubonic brown of GW) then white and yellow.

    i have big problems doing white surfaces...
    after three layers of white the mantle starts to be a little \"sandy\"

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    Default Colors

    Favorites - purples and dark reds
    Least favorites - whites and off whites - although I have been experimenting with an antique white that is working rather well

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    Default My favorite ones

    Blue, purple, red, dark green, camo green, bluish grey, yellow, creme/bone color, bluish green (ya know - green mixed with blue)

    Problem color:
    purple (of course), yellow, black (in highlighting black object and not turning it to grey)

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    Greens and Dark reds are me favourite.

    I just can\'t seem to get black to look good when hiliting. It\'s either Grey or blue when I\'m dun.


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    Green and black is my favorite combination, it\'s how I\'ve done the Space Marines and Tau models I have worked on lately. They look pretty slick together.

    Other colors I love to paint are dark reds, dark blues, and bone robes. Purple is great too, mainly because I can pull it off better than most people. I play Dark Elves, so I have practise :D

    There\'s an article I wrote on this site about Problem Colors, and purple was one of them. Worth looking at for those with problems painting purple.

    I can\'t stand metallics of any kind, but I still use them because Space Marines don\'t look right with the NMM techniques. :rolleyes:

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    Favorite colours at the moment for me are:
    Dark earth (Humbrol) - it\'s not that interesting but its bruddy useful.
    and Emerald Green (same as Badaab) (old GW) - Brilliant colour

    For purple try painting it grey>white and then purple inking it.

    As for hated colors - I love browns. they\'re fantastic colurd - chesnut, wood, chocolare, earth - brilliant. But GW browns? gah! most of them are ... not very good. Especially Snakebite leather.

    Hello everyone - first post. The first of many?
    Burzmali aka Fish

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    Favs -

    Dunkel Braun - Ral Partha
    Dun - Ral Partha
    Cadmium Red - Vallejo
    Any Vallejo grey
    BoltGun Metal - Gdub
    Tin Bitz - Gdub
    Black - Ceramcoat
    Maroon - Ceramcoat
    Sunny Skin Tone - Vallejo
    Chestnut Ink - Gdub

    Non favs-

    Any white - Always looks chalky
    Oranges - Always use too much when highlighting a red.

    Glad to see I am not the only one who is getting out of a \"phase\" Mine was a hideous blue and green phase. Going to have to redo some wood elves.

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