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    Default Undaves Thousand Sons WIP

    Like all my WIP projects this one is in no danger of being completed anytime soon :rolleyes: but as OrkyDave expressed an interest in some of the stuff I thought I\'d whack up a few pics for general perusal. I won\'t bore you with pics of the basic marines as there are plenty of other people with similar stuff and almost all are way better than mine but there are a few things in this army that might be worth a second glance.
    First up are the beginnings of my squad of Rubric Terminators, one of these was in the background of another WIP pic and a few people asked what it was. The mini is an early GW exo-armour suit, kind of a precursor to proper teminator armour. It reminds me of those armour suits from the start of Fifth Element and fits in quite well with the TS look.

    The one on the right is the basic mini whilst the one in the middle has had an arm swap to give me the right weapon fit. The guy on the left is the one from the other WIP pic and shows what the colour scheme will probably be. He\'s had a recent arm swap so neither his arms nor his weapons are painted, I\'ll probably snap them off again in order to spray them.
    As always any feedback would be really appreciated, cheers guys

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    i really really like the idea of using the aged technology armor suits. definately a cool idea for a TS army. what else are you planning on incorporating?

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    Supercool! Love to see those old pre-Termis... how did you get your hands on them? Or are you really just that old ;)

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    yes way! They look really cool, that armour is so evil looking. Think they\'ll fit TS very fine. Like your blue - but I think I would go for a little warmer gold/yellow trim, it would bring a little more contrast and depth. Hope to see them finished at some time lol

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    I love these old termies, and the khemri additions really help make them stand out as thousand sons! Very strong paint work as always mate!

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    Half of them really are that old but the others I managed to snag on my very last lead-pick at GW mail order. These guys are so oop it\'s untrue but I may have a lead on another squad of 9 so heres hoping...

    As for the rest of the army, I was halfway through converting a squad of possessed but I abandoned them several years ago. I\'ll get some pics up when I\'ve recovered enough parts to show. Otherwise something rather special arrived in the post a couple of days ago but I\'m going to have to wait till Sunday before I can pick him up, can\'t wait :bouncy:

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    As promised here is the \"something rather special\": Presenting Magnus the Red himself!!!

    The sorceror is shown for size comparison and as you can see Magnus is HUGE! Propper Primarch size and Magnus was meant to be the biggest of the lot:D
    I can\'t wait to get stuck in to painting him but I\'m up against two big stumbling blocks. Number one; I can\'t see reds very well so painting all that red skin is going to be really tough. If anyone has any helpful advice like what colours to use etc it will be gladly recieved. Number two; I suck at NMM so even though I\'d love to try doing him in that style I\'m going to have to pass :(. If anyone has any good tips on painting metal patina I\'d also love to hear them as I think it would break up the large expanses of gold armour.

    Cheers guys :bouncy:

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    a true gem you\'ve got there dave! cant wait to see some progression.

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    according to GW his skin is copper coloured so it\'ll be more orangey brown than red.

    Also as your Magnus only got one eye. (he should have) Can\'t really see his face on the mini.

    The colour scheme and the old termies are looking good.

    Edit: Is he bought or a conversion?

    If bought where did you get him?

    If he\'s a conversion you got him looking exactly like the picture.

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    Gaaahg! the horrible John Blanche vresion :|~ I\'m not a big fan of Johnny I much prefer the illustration by Franz Vohwinkel in the Horus Heresy artwork book (although I\'m pretty sure it\'s on a CCG card too). I got the mini from Ebay by following a link from this forum I think.... According to the blurb there were only 150 casts done but they all went faster than you can say \"Intelectual Property theft\" lol If I get a line on any more I\'ll let you know.
    He is missing his right eye which fits in with the fluff \"Where his other eye would have sat was blank and empty, though a thin scar ran from the bridge of his nose to the edge of his cheekbone.\" (False Gods p170).
    I was thinking of doing the skin starting with dark flesh through to predominantly blood red then highlighting up to almost snakebite leather although I have no idea if that will work properly. I\'ll be sure to check it out with you guys first just in case

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    Blimey good luck mate should look awesome!!

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    Right then here we go with some possible skin tones. Here are three different graduations, I need to know which looks best. I\'m not even sure if the colours I\'ve used actually work together but I\'ve made an educated guess.

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    I think the first twoare a bit too bright and with my preference for earthy, natural colours in general, I would go with number 3.

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    Not sure if you should pick 1 or 3, leaning towards 3. But don\'t go with 2, it\'ll look like exposed muscle instead of skin.

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    if you want a more reddish hue go with 1 but if you want a more brownish hue go with 3. i personally think since he is evil and all i would go with three to give him a more dirty feel imho.

    have a good one.:D

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    i think it depends on wot colour the armour is, if its bright, go for number one, if its darker number 3

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    i personally like number 1...but i guess i\'m the odd man out on this one. it\'s hard to gauge on paper like that.

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