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    What do you think of THIS? From the info I\'ve found this could be a really interesting book! And it\'s coming out really soon, too! :)

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    I would post that over at World of Mini\'s, they will go nuts!

    Might read it, might not. Not a huge fan of Tolkiens range of books. (Though i have read them)

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    Lol I\'ve seen it and got it on pre-order and can\'t wait to read it. This is a book that has been 30 years in the making and J R R touched on it in the Lost Tales so to see it completed is very cool indeed.

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    anders i am totally all over that book. as long as it doesnt have too many song poems i should be fine.

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    oh cool haha, weird - I love the universe of Tolkien, and coincidentally I was jsut last night re-reading the shortened version of the story of Turin that appears in the Silmarillion. The longer version of the \'Narn i Hin Hurin\' in \'unfinished tales\' is a lot more detailed, but it is slightly fragmented and certain important parts are skipped. So it will be fantastic if a complete, detailed version is put together! It is such a tragic tale.

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    I think this have great potential. It\'s supposedly a complete telling of the story and as Christopher Tolkien has spent 30 years on it it bodes well for the quality. :)

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    If this is going to be the story of Turin Turambar, son of Hurin, then it should be good. It is tragic, but a good story.

    What I don\'t understand is why it took Christopher so long to put it together, as I recall the version I read (I think it was in \"Unfinished Tales\") was already fairly complete?

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    Yes, it\'s the story of Turin Turambar. I haven\'t read Unfinished Tales as I don\'t like the idea of reading fragments that makes you want the full stories... ;) but I\'ve heard people say that the story of Turin there is a bit fragmented. This, apparently is a complete telling of the story. I guess we will find out soon if those 30 years were wisely spent! :]

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    @ Ritual - Guess I should have read the link you provided!

    The other two stories mentioned were also great - The story of Beren & Luthien and the Fall of Gondolin. Epic stories that deserve a full retelling.

    Beren & Luthien actually made a cameo in the LoTR films - Aragorn told a brief version to the hobbits at a campfire (my recollection, anyway). All good stuff.

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