March 2007: Winter is on it's way out, spring is coming in and a whole new season of gaming goodness is upon us, it is time for new releases!

Available immediately:

DAG1031 Forsaken Blades - USD $5.99

Born to one of the few remaining Ashabe families of the Salt Nomads, Blades does not talk about his own roots or his personal ties. Many have tested him with personal challenges and murderous traps, but Blades always emerges unscathed, his short swords glistening with the blood of others. For reasons unknown to anyone but Saint Mary and Blades, he supports her cause and has joined her ranks. This sudden change of mind caused much puzzlement among his kinsmen, but he speaks nothing of it and adheres to his own rigid code of honour. Although one can be glad to have him at their side, this can also prove to be a problem since his personal honour is all that Blades cares for, and if he is hurt he is as likely to attack his allies as his enemies.

DAG2025 Dragyri Guardslaves (2 miniatures) - USD $7.99

Dragyri slaves breed with incredible speed and regularity, fully aware that their lives are usually short and brutal. The practice of breeding Slave Bodyguards is now common practise within the Dragyri culture, and has gone on for decades. The Bodyguard have grown substantially larger than their common brethren, making them the thoroughbreds of the slave species. Having greater survivability, they are granted some rudimentary armor and given more extensive combat training than the standard slave warriors. From birth, they are indoctrinated into the idea that they are the finest of the slave warriors, and they place great stock in that dubious title. They defend their charges with blind ferocity, whatever the cost, and no Taskmaster with the option would choose to take the field battle without a Bodyguard in his retinue.

DAG2027 Dragyri Blue Resin Ice Elemental - USD $16.99

Struggling to make your Ice Elemental have that cool, icy look to it? Struggle no more - now available in blue-tinted clear resin, the Elemental is ready to assemble and play.

Vicious, fearless, powerful, and resilient, the Ice Elemental is one of the most terrifying creatures that the Ice caste of the Dragyri is able to bring to battle. The most terrifying aspect of this creature may be that they have access to an inexhaustible supply of them. A Soul Warden can summon and control up to two of these terrifying beasts at once, a truly daunting obstacle for any enemy force to face.

DAG3108 Skarrd Tribal Father Warpack (8 miniatures) - USD $39.99

This box includes 1 Special Edition Tribal Father, 1 Raze #2, 1 Saber, 1 Special Edition Buzzblade and 4 Buzzblade miniatures.

There is a strong tribal community Within the loosely defined society of the Baniss. Although some members of the Skarrd do tend to gravitate towards one of the Cults, the majority maintain their existence within the larger body, the Tribe of Baniss.

Coming soon: Essence!!