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Thread: Games workshop stuff to swap?

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    Default Games workshop stuff to swap?

    Got some GW stuff dont want and was wondering if anyone wanted to swap for any other stuff got eldar, eldar avatar, Dragon with rider, Nagash, old space marine bodies if any body interested will take some pics dont know much about GW stuff bought them of a bloke at work ages ago

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    Where are you located? It could matter for shipping costs.

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    sorry thought id put it on im in the UK

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    Can put pics up if people want but not much time at minute got a couple of Eldar characters phoenix lord karandas phoenix lord asurmen without banner space marine characters apothecary corbulo chief librarian mephistone without arm commander azreal but not sure if right banner? dunno if this helps dont have a clue about GW stuff

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    I\'d like to see pics, but what are you looking for in exchange?

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    Stuff thats not game workshop like the look of Hasslefree and freebooter stuff but not to fussed prefer female figures or elves etc can take pics tommorow and will post ta for asking:beer:

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    Would like to se some pics, especially the Space marine stuff. PM me if you want to email them to me

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    Heres a couple of pics will take some more later

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    Hi all sorry if been bit slack on sorting stuff out had a crappy time and stuff to do heres another pic

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    Hi There
    Im just wondering if you still have the Eldar Avatar for trade, cause if you do i can offer you lots of cool NIB mini\'s for him, please PM me and let me know either way asap please.

    Thanks: Meridian

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