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    Default New photos on my site!

    Check out the miscellaneous photos section :D I wanted to include a really huge image of the shield bug, but I couldn\'t find any hosting place big enough for it :redface: From the shield bug onwards are the new photos. I hope you like them!



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    I felt all summery looking at your pics Bill! Marvellous stuff. I\'m taking my digicam out more often as well now. Smashing work.

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    I agree...Great photography!

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    I gues I missed that warrior priest, nice work.

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    When you said \"shield bug\" I expected something large from the Starship Troopers mini line, not this cute little fella :D


    Lovely photos!

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    The Shield Bug is cool, but your ladybird shot is my favorite. Love the contrast of the red and green.

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    Nice website Bill. You a talented little thing arent you?

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    that is truly great photografs! great work man!

    // Larre

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