My Iron Painter Round 2 Entry!
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Thread: My Iron Painter Round 2 Entry!

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    Default My Iron Painter Round 2 Entry!


    I have finished my entry for round 2 of the Iron Painter over at Wyrd. The theme this time around is \'PAINT IT BLACK\'.

    Hope you enjoy my interpretation of it!

    Voting link for IP round 2 entry

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    Ah that is freaking brilliant!! This is the first I saw of it... Very ingenious, I hope you do well.

    BTW Who the hell comes up with those dorky themes anyhow?

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    :D:D very very good, just plain funny

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    Great work orkydave. Fantastic execution of a theme on this one. Love the skin on the gobbo...reminds me i have to start painting mine again....

    /starts to cry

    keep up the great work

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    With twisted logic like that I suspect you are going to move onto the next round. Good stuff! It\'s well executed too. The paint looks suitably glossy and shiny.

    I\'m tempted to try Iron Painter next time. The thought of Thunderdome style painting competion definately apeals, and the fact that quirky minis and comedy tends to do well also works for me. Those deadlines are scary though!

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    I have to agree lono, im tempted to enter aswell,but with everything ive got going on those deadlines would have me up at 2 in the morning.
    Good on you for entering OrkyDave, with this one you should definately make the next round.


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    If I was your opponent, I\'ll be pulling at my hair trying to beat you in terms of interpretation of the theme.

    I\'m pretty sure you\'ll do well this rd, at least I know Nathan is a sucker for humorous entries.

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    lol That\'s amazing! Good luck. I\'ve voted and commented :cool:

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    that\'s just great! lol

    // Larre

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    So goblins hate information technology guys as well. IT support:flame:

    Nice mini!

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    Wow! Thanks for all the feedback guys! I really wasn\'t expecting so many people to \'get \' the idea- lets hope the judges feel the same!

    My opponent for this round is TAB studio, who IMO produced the strongest piece last round despite being beaten by Wren and going through as highest scoring loser. In al honesty she is a better painter than me so thats why I am trying to \'box clever\' to progress.

    and Vike, who does come up with these themes indeed! obviously someone with panache, wit, brains, debonaire...oh wait.. I forgot ,you aren\'t judging this time round are you!:D:P

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    Well deserved score, and I begrudgingly admit you are now \'higher\' than me in the rankings....:beer::beer:

    Of course, no matter what I try recently...i can hardly break a 7, let alone an 8!

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    Very nice. Did you take whips and how did you do the wood grain. I wish I could do wood grain like that. Did the vote thing.

    Hey Vikey you have to decide whether you paint for fun or score. I paint for fun but my stuff is more mainstream. maybe you should bite the bullet and paint space

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