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    sooo guys with something like 70 miniatures done for my tau army and only 5 more battlesuits, three pirahna skimmers, and two tanks to go.... how long before i go insane. honestly i am ready to chuck the whole damn army. i soo want to get these guys done but i am losing my sanity.

    so just for kicks and giggles... how much longer do i have before i start roaming the halls of splattered brains against a wall due to self-inflicted head wounds?

    just thought i\'d ask.

    *twitches ensue*lollollollollollol:Dlollollollollol:(:(lollo llollollollollollollollol:P:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy ::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy: <-- yep that is definitely me right now.

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    This would be the point where you grab something completely different to paint. You are doing Tau, so something like a Fantasy Orc, with lots of rusty dirty metals, would be a good change.

    Or you do like I do, and start a new army, or get into a new game (Just picked up Gangs of Mega City One). I don\'t suggest this method though as all it leads to is a basement full of unpainted minis and a painted shelf with a bunch of partially complete armies.

    *Edit*, oh and put at least one line break between all those smiles, I hate side scrolling.

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    Kinda neat find with the 5 mins if it didn\'t hang up on me twice at the supply room.

    Reminds me of how I felt 3 hours ago when I got the call that the midnight shift person called in and I had to work until 3:00AM. I work in a warehouse though, I think I could get it done a lot quicker then 5mins though.

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    Sanity is overrated. Paint another one.

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    I think you allready lost it... ;) So, put your brush in your mouth and paint the remaining guys! Can\'t be any worse than painting the 70 you allready finished, eh?

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    Would a sane person paint 25mm fantasy or scifi minis. I think not. Stop you whining and paint some more minis. lol

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    :D I had to ask a guy friend of mine who while doesn’t paint minis does have very boring reports to write.

    He swears by the “Reward System” to protect his sanity. So finish a mini and then reward yourself with an hour of porn. Seems to work for my friend. ;) and as a good friend, I never comment about the hair on his palms.:drunk:

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    dude... extensive smiley obuse

    // Larre

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