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    Hello everyone!

    After many requests (begging mostly) from my brother Electrolito, I have decided to give in and do a WIP log.

    This is my first real post here in CMoN and I hope to get some good feedback.

    This right here is my newest conversion of a Chaos Night Lord in Terminator armor made from a Grey Knight Terminator... Chaos rules the universe!!! I hope you guys like it and criticise the hell out of it... kind of late because it is already primed but, I will gladly take any advice I can get to make future projects better as I apply the new techniques.

    Also this is my first time working with GS so I know it is still a little rough. I am really proud of this little bastard here so have at it...

    dont be gentle, gentle is weak!!!!!

    I want to get as good as I can get so tear it up...
    Except for you electro, I have got plenty of crap from you already so keep it to yourself...

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    LOL!!!! I knew you would give in soon... anyway, you already know what I think about this Foo here. I am very proud of your work. You are getting better very quick. Next is getting your painting to take leaps and bounds... not a very hard task for you since I know you have a lot of talent... you just need some love from all these CMoN freaks, geeks and crybaby\'s... jajajaja Good Job my little brother now let\'s see this bastard get painted!

    You need to post some of your old stuff too while you are at it. For voting too... you sneaky weasel! I will keep my eye on you!

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    Looks like it runs in the family! Great work with the conversion, cant wait to see him painted up.


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    ok you want us to be harsh... so here it is ..over all im unimpressed.. there is nothing that gives it a wow factor.. its good clean work but its just looks like what it is a GK with some bitz added to it.. I hope that wasnt to harsh.. it truely is good work..

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    Thanks for the replies don\'t expect much update on this guys since im working on a dread.
    @Wingz: what would you suggest about making him look less like a GK? By the way that was the main idea of why I bought that model...:beer:

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    You wanted it to look like Grey knight with bits stuck on? or you like the look of the grey knights, but wanted him to be a chaos marine? Doesnt really matter I guess...
    Looks pretty good to me. I like the sword the most of all of it. You\'ve done a good job of covering the loyalist details. As for making him look less like a grey knight I guess the best things to do would have been to do something about the shape of the head (the top knot is good, but the shape is very trademark grey knight), and maybe something about the stormbolter attached at the arm. Mainly the paintjob will set him apart though... Once you get some paint on him I\'m sure it\'ll be a lot harder to see the grey knight in him.

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    Nice work, but I think it will really be down to the paint job to make him truly chaotic. I tend to think of chaos as something with very few clean lines (one of the reasons why I don\'t like the Defiler), and therefore I think you should have resculpted the head. The clean shape of the jaw is simply not chaotic enough. The topknot is a fair try but I think it is too thin and pointy to go with the massive, more rounded mini. I know Abbadon has one too, but since I don\'t like that one it won\'t make me like the one here either.
    Still: Nice sculpting - especially on the wings. I hope we get to see it painted?

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    hehe i did a similar conversion, but unfortunately i dropped it. hard wooden floors and fragile minis don\'t mix. Here is a good link though, i you want to do a unit.;)

    conversion klinik

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    thanks again, @rosac do you have any links of new plastic termies converted to chaos? but not nurgle cause i cant really work around those.

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