Uncool to leave comments these days?
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Thread: Uncool to leave comments these days?

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    Default Uncool to leave comments these days?

    It seems kinda wierd, usually I get a few comments within the first couple of days of putting up a mini - particularly the ebay stuff as it sits on the news page for a while. I put up three a few days ago and zip, nada, zero. Votes, sure - averaging at lower than most of my stuff for work I consider is better than anything I\'ve done recently... Fewer votes than usual (although plenty of views) too, I used to get around 40+ in the first couple of days.

    Or is it just that everyone\'s over at yahoo\'s minipainter complaining about metallics versus nmm? :D

    Any ideas (or, even, any feedback?)

    the minis are

    An Alahan bard (so pretty model):

    A Lahmian vamp (my least favourite of the 3)

    and my baby, an Ikore swordmaiden, who I hoped might beat my Lelith for my top mini but is currently languishing at an 8.4:

    erm, yeah. Feedback would be awesome :) .

    cheers :)

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    Default spoke too soon...

    apparently since the last time I looked and posting this I got some comments! Joy! off too peruse (it\'s stopped emailing me comments dammit!).

    But still, feedback from the forum folks would be very very shiny and good :)

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    well i don\'t know about comments. but i just saw the count for the number of minis on cmon. it saddens me to think there is a perfect mini i will never see even though i keep voting.

    mayby there are just so many votes to go around?

    ps i didn\'t miss yours. i gave a 10 for the swordmaiden

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    Default Break

    Rachel, I think there was a few days where Dave was on holidays so there were no comments or new pics added.

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    To be honest Rachel, I just hadnt gotten to them in the list o\'mini\'s I was rating - I\'ve been working like hell to catch up on rating the posted work, and am still about 400 minis down from having everything rated at this point - Liked them all (even though all three are sculpts I hate for various reasons) and commented on two and gave all 3 an 8.

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    Default Yessir

    I think I did very similar. The bard is IMO one of the ugliest sculpts ever made. The pink is nicely done and the face is exquisite but it is still a terrible mini!!! The swordmaiden is definately the best of the three!

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    Maybe people are on holidays...?

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    Default ta...

    ok, I hadn\'t realised people were on holiday, d\'oh. I thought there were multiple people doing the moderating.

    Out of curiosity, why do you guys hate the sculpts? Apart from the Lahmian, I rather liked the other two. The Lahmian has the annoying fangs-sticking-out thing that everyone does with their vampires - it\'d be much cooler if they looked like normal people and we could have the option to paint them a bit undead.

    The Bard I\'ve always liked - the cloak is over the top but I gather it\'s supposed to be more than a normal item of clothing or something. Not a fan of the sword sticking out through it, but I like the rest (even the pointy hat).

    And I really like the Ikore swordmaiden chicks - they\'re short, round and have good muscle definition. Except for the man-hands that those I\'ve painted have. Sure, the swords are silly but then most fantasy weapons are a bit daft looking. And if they\'re in scale then they tend to be boring...

    Actually, Glyn, I expect to disagree with you on a lot of things I imagine - I know you\'re a big Reaper fan and I don\'t like most of their older sculpts, so it may just be a matter of different likes :) .

    So I guess the consensus so far is for me to have a little more patience. argh. Not my strongest point...

    (and thankyou farseerlum, I\'ve seen your comment now, woot!)

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    Default Reaper

    Well some of the older sculpts by Reaper aren\'t great, and I have grown quite weary of Garrity sculpts, but I really enjoy the stuff Werner Klocke is doing for them.
    More than anything, I like their large selection!

    As for the bard... Well, the robe thing I feel is just to over the top. Also, I don\'t liek the little \"raised detail\" knives and things liek that on many of the Rackham sculpts. This one is just the worst I think. Still, looks pretty good from your work!

    The Vampire is actually very well done and now I think I should have scored you a nine. Alas... *sigh*

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    Originally posted by Rachel
    Out of curiosity, why do you guys hate the sculpts?
    more snippage
    For me, its the way the mini looks - to be specific:

    On the Rackham figure, I like everything but the damn hat and the fact that she looks like a Gerber Baby in the hat - nothing that you have done, and you have done a wonderful job on the figure.

    The Vampire - I dont know why but I really just dislike those sculpts in general - there is something about the way they are done that just rubs me wrong about them, so I personally wouldnt pick them up.

    The only problem I have with any of the I-Kore range is the Weapons of Unusual Shape and Size (WUSS) that I-Kore seems to favor. Also, the hair sometimes gets to me, but other than that I like most of their figures.

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    Buttercup: \"What about the WUSS\'es?\"

    Dread Pirate Roberts: \"Weapons of Unusual Shape and Size? I don\'t think they exist!\"



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    I gave you an 8 and two 9\'s. I think your painting skills have managed to overcome any shortcomings in the sculpts. My one problem in that area is with the Bard. I think it comes from the fact that when I was a child, my sister had a lamp that looked very much like that sculpt. It was even pink. Thereofre I have great difficulty seeing it without a pole coming out its neck and a lampshade aboove its head.???;):rolleyes:

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    Default Har Har

    Dread Pirate Roberts.... *chuckle*
    Maybe it\'s time I stopped painting with my left hand!!!!

    As for the WUSS\'s, I totally agree :)

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    lol Rachel just be glad that your skill is such that people leave comments- us mid-road painters are lucky to get a comment every month or two!

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    Well, I guess I didn\'t mean just me :) .

    And I\'m over it now... was just having a whiny moment.

    I try to leave comments on things I come across that don\'t have any, or only have a couple, or have people being unnecessarily mean. I just don\'t browse through cmon very often, I\'m sure I\'m not the only person who comes on here only to post pics and check out a few small areas - generally too busy painting etc to spend much time surfing. Heck, I have to schedule in time to reply to my email, even work stuff :) .

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    Out of curiosity, why do you guys hate the sculpts?

    eh, i dont hate any of em, they actually all look decent. the lahmian vampire i may or may not get, the bard while interesting in design just doesnt appeal to me overly in the ass kicking department or overly characterfull for soemthing id be interested in, say a blacksmith or something. and the ikore chick is cool even though a bit \"pose-eee\" but id pick it up.

    as for the comments etc on cmon i have noticed is subject to the winds of chaos at any time. i come across really great models every week from 3 months ago etc that didnt have comments and i drop comments on em right away. thats just the breaks really. an for minis that dont have comments because they arent spectacular or are just ordinary i try and find the good in, along with some nice crit and theyre good to go. one thing that attracts me to leave a comment on a par mini (compared to the gods here) is if the user left a good descript like they actually care and tried, not, \"im posting this because everybody posts here\".

    i know what it feels like to work and then get no response and it can be quite annoying espcially after long hours or if your going through a \"artistic phase\", id just be patient a bit, let it set for a few and if nothing turns out then start busting caps in the forums and send the rgeulars scrambling to leave comments!

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    Default I looked at your pics.

    I liked all of them except the Bard. She\'s just too...I don\'t know. I can\'t put my finger on it. I\'ve always liked the Alchemist of Dirz. Maybe that\'s it.

    I guess I\'ll ask too since we\'re on the subject. Could any of you go to:


    and leave a comment. I need to some input to fic my problem.

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    That sword is absolutely fantastic!!! Any chance of a walkthrough tutorial on how it was done?

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    Default lol

    lol I wasnt meaning to attack you or anything Rachel lol it was a poor attempt at complimenting you

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